Figure out your next steps with information on key issues, including Clearing, offer conditions, results, and Firm/Insurance Choices.



Clearing at Imperial

We are not currently recruiting or open to applications via Clearing this year.

For more information on Clearing, see our Help Centre page on undergraduate admissions and Clearing.


If you haven't met your offer conditions

If you've missed your offer by a small margin

If Imperial is your Firm Choice:

If you have narrowly missed the conditions of our offer, Imperial will carefully review your case. In some circumstances it may be possible that your place is confirmed. Either way, the final outcome after this careful reconsideration will be made available on your UCAS Hub.

If you are unsuccessful with Imperial, you will be considered by your Insurance Choice.

If Imperial is your Insurance Choice:

If you are unsuccessful at your Firm Choice and have narrowly missed the conditions of our offer, then Imperial will review your case. In some circumstances it may be possible for the offer to be confirmed. UCAS Hub will let you know if we decide to confirm your offer.

If you have missed the conditions of both your Firm Choice and Insurance choice, you will be entered into Clearing.

If you have been rejected and wish to appeal this decision

It is not possible to appeal directly to the Admissions Tutors at this time of the year.  Due to competition for places we are only able to guarantee places to those who have met all the terms of their offer.

If spaces were available after we had allocated them to those who met the terms of their offer, then the Admissions Tutor we will have considered very carefully those who narrowly missed the terms of their offer.

If your status on UCAS is unsuccessful, then that is the final outcome on your application following reconsideration by the Admissions Tutor.

If UCAS is showing Imperial has rejected you, but you don't know your grades

We cannot issue your exam results to you. If you have not received your exam results, as a matter of urgency you should contact your school/college, as they will be able to provide you with your results. 


Results and your offer

Check if we've confirmed your place via UCAS

To see if Imperial has confirmed your place, you will need to log on to UCAS Hub.

If your status on track is "Unconditional firm (UF)", your place has been confirmed.

Appealing results and changed grades

If your grades have changed as a result of a formal appeal process and you now meet your offer conditions, you should send official confirmation of your new grades to the relevant Admissions team.

Adjusted grades through appeals will be accepted up to 31 August. Adjusted grades received after this date will only be accepted if there are spaces available at the department you have applied to.

If your grades are adjusted but you still do not fulfil all of your offer conditions our original decision will still stand.

If you met your offer conditions but have been rejected

We check all exam results extremely carefully. If you believe we have made a mistake, please contact the relevant Admissions team team as soon as possible. Please note, you must meet the exact terms of your offer and all specified deadlines in order for us to confirm your place.

If you have not met the exact grades/subject specifications, but have achieved an equivalent tariff score across your grades, this is not the same as meeting the exact terms we specify, as our offers are not tariff-based.

If your UCAS status has changed to unconditional

Congratulations on your offer! Fortunately, there is nothing you need to do.

If your status has been changed to unconditional on UCAS, there is nothing you need to do to secure your place at Imperial.

We look forward to sending you further details about enrolling with the College nearer to the start of term.

Claiming mitigating circumstances

The deadline for sending us mitigating circumstances was 17 July 2023.

We will not normally consider mitigating circumstances if they are submitted after the exam results are published. However, if something happened to you during the year or exam period that affected your exam performance, please send an email to the relevant Admissions team with the following information: 

  1. An outline of the circumstances that affected your performance, including dates or time periods if possible.
  2. Any medical documentation or school letters that can be provided as evidence.

These will then be passed to the Admissions Tutor for consideration.

Documentary evidence must be submitted for any circumstances to be considered.

Switching programmes with an unconditional offer

If you wish to change programmes within the Department you are currently holding an offer for, then please contact the relevant Admissions Team to see if this is possible at this stage.

Most programmes offered within a given department share a common year 1 curriculum and it is usually possible to change your programme at any stage up to the end of year 1. It may be better for you to transfer programme within your department as a student, rather than late in the admissions process, as this can delay enrolment and the issuing of CAS where this is required. We advise that you discuss this with your department for guidance.

If you wish to move to a programme in a different Department, it is very unlikely that this will be considered as programmes are generally full. However, please do contact the relevant Admissions Team in the first instance.

If your results have not been sent to us by UCAS

Sometimes results are not sent to us by UCAS.  If you have a copy of your results, please forward them to the relevant Admissions team so we can make a decision on your application.

If you don’t have your results, you will need to contact your school/college in the first instance to see if there is a problem, and then contact UCAS to find out if the results are available.

Deadlines for sending us your results

The deadline associated with your conditions will be specified in your offer details. Results need to be sent by these deadlines.

If we are missing certain results and are holding your application under active consideration, we will contact you to request that you send these.

Deferring if you have an unconditional offer

If you applied in this admissions cycle, but you now wish to defer, please send an email requesting this to the relevant Admissions Team.

Please note, deferrals cannot be guaranteed. If we do defer your place, it is unlikely that we will be able to reverse this decision, so please be aware of this before you make your final deferral decision.

If a deferral is not granted, your options will be to either take up your place this year, or withdraw and apply again in the next admissions cycle.

If your UCAS Hub offer doesn't change

If your offer is still showing as conditional, there may be a few explanations. For example, we may still be waiting to receive all your results.

If you were asked to meet a certain qualification, it is your responsibility to submit these to us – we cannot confirm an offer without verifying these results. Please contact the relevant Admissions team to submit outstanding results.


If your place has been confirmed


If you have any queries about Accommodation, please visit our accommodation website.

CAS numbers (international students)

We are hoping to have issued the majority of CAS numbers for unconditional offer holders by 24 August 2023, where an applicant has indicated that they need a visa and have provided us with their passport details.

If you have not yet provided us with your passport details, please do this via the MyImperial portal as soon as possible. Once we have received your passport, it will take 2-3 working days for your CAS number to be issued.

Help and information can be found on our International Student Support – CAS page and our Tuition fees – CAS and Visas page.


Changing or amending your UCAS choices

We cannot reinstate offers which have been declined

If you have previously declined your offer, then this offer is no longer valid. We would not be able to reinstate the offer at this stage of the admissions cycle.

We would only be in a position to consider an application via Clearing for eligible applicants, subject to us advertising that a programme is open to applications via Clearing.

Imperial is your Insurance Choice, but you now want to come here instead of your Firm Choice

If you secured an unconditional offer with your Firm Choice institution, it is unfortunately not possible to switch to Imperial at this stage.

Imperial is your Firm Choice, but you now want to go to your Insurance Choice

If you have secured an unconditional place with Imperial and now wish to go to your Insurance Choice this may not be possible. You should first approach your Insurance Choice institution to see if they would be willing to accept you via Clearing.

If they confirm that they will accept you, then you can release yourself into Clearing via UCAS Hub up to the 6 September 2023. After this date, you would need to write to the relevant Imperial Admissions team to request that they release you into Clearing. You will then need to refer yourself in Clearing to your Insurance Choice. 

If you don’t want to come to Imperial any more

We are sorry that you no longer wish to come to Imperial. If you wish to enter into Clearing, you can release yourself into Clearing using UCAS Hub up to 6 September 2023.

After this date, you would need to write to the relevant Imperial Admissions team to request that they release you into Clearing. The last date you can add a Clearing choice is the 17 October 2023.


Wait lists, contact details and fee status

Imperial does not operate waiting lists

We do not operate any waiting lists. If you haven't applied to Imperial in this admissions cycle, you would need to apply to the College in the next admissions cycle.

Updating your contact details

To update your contact details, please do this via UCAS Hub and your details will be updated on both UCAS and our systems. It may take a couple of days for these changes to be reflected on all our systems.

Appeal your fee status (Home vs Overseas)

If you think we have assessed your fee status incorrectly, please complete a Fee Status Questionnaire and send it to the relevant Admissions team.

Find out more about fee status and the Fee Status Questionnaire