Before applying for a President's PhD Scholarship, candidates must have made contact with a supervisor in an academic department at Imperial College London who has agreed to supervise their research project.

President's PhD Scholarships primary supervisors are only permitted to supervise one student at any time.

The lists below indicate supervisors who are currently unavailable to new students. 

Departments should notify Student Financial Support of any changes to supervision or if a supervisor needs to be added/removed from this list.

List of unavailable supervisors in the Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering



Dr Paul Bruce
Professor Jonathan Morrison
Dr Andrew Wynn
Dr Juan Gallego
Dr Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro
Dr Angela Kedgley
Professor Simon Schultz
Dr Claire Stanley
Dr David Labonte
Chemical Engineering
Dr Salvador Eslava
Professor Omar Matar
Professor Nilay Shah
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor Leroy Gardner
Dr Po-Heng Lee
Dr Chao Wu
Professor Pinelopi Kyvelou
Dr Wenjia Bai
Dr Pedro Mediano Martinez
Professor Pietzuch
Professor Stefanos Zafeiriou
Professor Wayne Luk
Professor Alessio lomuscio
Design Engineering
Dr Sam Cooper
Dr Talya Porat
Earth Science and Engineering
Dr Pablo Brito Parada
Professor Sanjeev Gupta
Dr Yves Plancherel
Professor Tina Van de Flierdt
Professor Mark Rehkamper
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor David Angeli
Professor Timothy Constandinou
Professor Pier Dragotti
Professor Krystian Mikolajczyk
Professor Eric Yeatman
Dr Yiren Zhao
Professor Kristel Fobelets
Dr Stefano Anglioletti-Uberti
Dr Robert Hoye
Dr Johannes Lischner
Mechanical Engineering
Professor Maria Charambides
Professor Daniele Dini
Dr Stelios Rigopoulos
Dr Huizhi Wang
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List of unavailable supervisors in the Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine



Brain Sciences
Dr Gregory Scott
Professor Paolo Muraro
Dr Dasha Nicholls
Dr Alexi Nott
Dr Magdalena Sastre
Professor David Sharp
Dr Yu Ye
Professor David Nutt
Dr Nir Grossman
Immunology & Inflammation
Dr Niklas Feldhahn
Infectious Disease
Professor Alison Holmes
Professor José Penadés
Dr Harry Low
Dr Geodele Martens
Institute of Clinical Sciences
Professor Petra Hajkova
Dr Louise Fets
Dr Santiago Vernia
Dr Alexis Barr
Metabolism, Digestion & Reproduction
Dr Veronique Azuara
Professor Tom Bourne
Dr Burak Temelkuran
Dr Alejandra Tomas-Catala
National Heart & Lung Institute
Professor Maria Belvisi
Professor Peter Openshaw
Professor Tristan Rodriguez
Dr Guang Yang
School of Public Health
Dr Azra Ghani
Professor Paul Aylin
Dr Thomas Hone
Professor Robyn Norton
Dr Eszter Vamos
Professor Paolo Vineis
Dr Ilaria Dorigatti
Surgery and Cancer
Dr Claire Fletcher
Professor Iain McNeish
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List of unavailable supervisors in the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences



Centre for Environmental Policy
Dr Alexandra Collins
Dr Gbemi Oluleye
Dr Friederike Otto
Dr James Bull
Professor George Britovsek
Dr Marco Di Antonio
Professor Kim Jelfs
Dr Andreas Kafizas
Professor Ed Tate
Dr James Wilton-Ely
Dr Artem Bakulin
Life Sciences
Dr Cristina Banks-Leite
Professor Robert Ewers
Dr Mark Isalam
Dr Will Pearse
Professor Bill Rutherford
Professor Alfried Vogler
Dr Thibault Bertrand
Dr Barbara Bravi
Dr Michele Coti Zelati
Dr Sarah Filippi
Dr Eric Keaveny
Dr Sheehan Olver
Dr Pierre-Francois Rodriquez
Professor Almut Veraart
Professor Henrique Araujo
Professor Chris Hull
Professor Florian Mintert
Professor Michael Tarbutt
Professor Ralf Toumi
Professor Arkady Tseytlin
Dr Derek Lee
Professor Jenny Nelson
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List of unavailable supervisors in the Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School

Business School Professor Edward Anderson
Dr Pasquale Della Corte
Professor Marcin Kacperczyk
Dr Zhe Liu
Dr Mirabelle Muuls
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