School of Public Health Masters Scholarships

Scholarship overview

  • Degree level

    Postgraduate taught

  • Value

    Full tuition fees at the home rate

  • Number of awards


  • Academic year


  • Tuition fee status

    Home, Overseas

  • Mode of study

    Full time, Part time

  • Available to

    Prospective students

  • Application deadline

    30/04/2023 Closed

  • Additional information

    Scholarship page

  • Available to applicants in the following departments

    • School of Public Health

Eligibility criteria

These awards are open to all students who make an application to the School of Public Health by the deadline for admission to study for a Master's programme, starting in October 2023. It is not essential for applicants to have already received an offer of a place on a programme, but the initial programme application must be made before applying for a scholarship. In order to be awarded the scholarship, an offer must have been made to an applicant.

Please note: This scholarship is not available to continuing students.

Course specific information

  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • MSc in Epidemiology
  • MSc in Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Global Master of Public Health (GMPH) - 2-year/3-year/PgCert

Application process

In order to be considered for a scholarship, potential candidates will need to do both of the following:

Apply for a place on a Masters programme run by the School of Public Health

Complete the School of Public Health's Scholarships online application form: School of Public Health's Scholarships Application 

It is not essential to wait for an offer of a place on a programme to be made before applying, but the initial programme application must be made before submitting the scholarship application. To apply for a Master's programme, please use our online admissions system.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants who have outlined where and how they would significantly benefit from receiving scholarship and deemed by the panel to have the greatest potential to be leaders in their chosen field. This is assessed through the statement of support submitted to outline the need in terms of financial support, and your application for the programme outlining your academic potential, professional/research experience and sense of career trajectory.

Once the programme application has been submitted, those who wish to apply for a scholarship should complete our online form. The form will need to be completed in a single session, so please have the following information prepared:

  • Financial Income and Family Situation - Please provide some information about your family's financial income and circumstances.
  • Interest and Motivation - Please explain your interest in your chosen subject and motivation in coming to Imperial College London to study on your chosen course
  • Achievements and Awards - If you have any particular achievements or awards please provide information about them.
  • Benefits of Scholarship - Please explain how this scholarship would benefit you.
All candidates will be informed of the decision - successful or not.

Scholarship decisions will be communicated by the beginning of June 2023.

Additional information

Terms and conditions:

When applying for Faculty of Medicine Master's Degree Scholarships, candidates agree to Imperial's terms and conditions regarding scholarships and bursaries.

Please note, the following conditions override the standard Imperial terms and conditions:

  • Both part-time and full-time students are eligible to apply.
  • Home/EU and Overseas/Islands applicants are eligible to apply. However, scholarship funds cover the amount of Home/EU tuition fees only for any successful awardee and applicants would be required to pay the difference towards any remaining fees
  • An offer of a place is not required before applying, but candidates must first apply for a Master's programme run by the School of Public Health before applying for a School of Public Health Scholarship.
  • Candidates who do not apply through the online scholarship form will not be considered for the School of Public Health Scholarships.
  • The decision of the selection panel is final. No appeal process is available.
  • Awards cannot be deferred or used to fund non-PGT programmes within the School of Public Health, or programmes run by other faculties or schools at Imperial or elsewhere.
  • Your scholarship application will be considered alongside your programme application to understand your full potential on receiving a scholarship.
  • The continued payment of a School of Public Health Scholarship is subject to satisfactory academic progression on the programme. Award holders will also be required to maintain a minimum class attendance of 80%.
  • School of Public Health Master's Scholarships are non-transferable. If you transfer to another institution or withdraw from the College, any payments due to you will be cancelled.
  • Awardees will be required to participate in promotional activities during the course of their studies and allow their image to be used by Imperial for publicity purposes. Such activities may include (but are not limited to) attending recruitment events, discussing their experiences with prospective postgraduate students and producing occasional print or web copy.


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