Do I have to pay a deposit? If so, how much will my deposit be?

Undergraduate study

No, you do not need to pay a deposit for undergraduate study.

Postgraduate study

All applicants to research masters (MRes) and taught postgraduate courses will be required to pay a deposit. This is normally 10% of the course fee for the year to which you are applying.

The only exemption from this are students with confirmed sponsorship for the full value of their tuition fees at the time of application and students eligible for US Federal Aid for tuition fees.

When do I have to pay my deposit?

You will be sent an invoice by email within ten working days of accepting your conditional offer. The deposit is payable within 30 days of the date of your invoice – details of the amount to pay and the payment due date will be clearly shown on the invoice and accompanying email.

What happens if I don't pay my deposit on time?

The deposit is a condition of your offer, therefore if you fail to pay the deposit you will have failed to meet the conditions of your offer and will not be able to join the College. If your deposit is not paid by the due date, your offer may be withdrawn by the department.

Can I get an extension to the deadline for my deposit?

If you think you may need an extension to pay your deposit you must contact the Tuition Fees team by email with details of why and for how long you need an extension. Any extensions are at the discretion of the admitting department and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Will my deposit payment be shown on my Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?

Yes, deposit payments as well as payments received by the College against your full tuition fee invoice once available will be uploaded to your CAS.

I have applied for sponsorship but it hasn't been confirmed, do I still have to pay a deposit?

Yes, until your sponsorship has been confirmed and a formal letter of sponsorship accepted by the College, you will be required to pay a deposit. If this scenario applies to you, you may wish to contact your department for further advice on your individual circumstances.

If you receive confirmation of full fees sponsorship after paying your deposit, a full refund of any deposit payment received will be made on acceptance of a formal letter of sponsorship by the College. If your sponsorship does not cover your tuition fees in full, a refund will be made of any element of your deposit in excess of your final fee liability once all other conditions have been satisfied and your final fee liability assessed.

Please note, we can only refund your deposit on receipt of a specific refund request, please contact the Tuition Fees team to request a refund of your deposit.

If you fail to secure sponsorship or other funding and as a result of this are required to withdraw your application to the College, your deposit will, unfortunately, not be refundable.

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