How much tuition you pay at Imperial depends on a number of factors, including:

  • whether you pay the Home or Overseas rate of tuition – known as your fee status
  • your level and mode of study
  • what financial support you are receiving

We advertise the first-year fee for all of our courses on our course pages. This is the fee for one academic year, if you enter Imperial during the year advertised.

Inflationary increases

You should expect and budget for your tuition fees increasing each year by an amount linked to inflation. These increases only apply to subsequent years of study, not your first year.

Overseas fees will increase annually by an amount linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI). The RPI value used is taken from April in same the calendar year of your subsequent year of study.

Home fees are regulated by the UK government. However, they may increase each year by an amount linked to the RPIX index.

Interrupting, repeating or deferring your studies

Your fee is based on the year you start studying at Imperial.

If you start a course in 2023, for example, and repeat a year or resume your studies after an interruption, your fees will be the fee that applied in 2023, plus any inflationary increases that have occurred. Your fee will not include any other fee increases that may have been applied to new entrants to the course in subsequent years.

If you defer entry, your fee will be based on the fee that applies in the year in which you start your course.


Amendment to payment terms

Tuition fee payment terms are subject to annual revision and Imperial College London reserves the right to amend or update these terms. Any changes to the payment terms will be published in the Tuition fees section of this site.