Results for qualifications we should receive automatically

UCAS should automatically send us the results for the following qualifications, which means you don't need to send them yourself:

  • A-level
  • Pre-U Certificate
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Irish Leaving Certificates
  • Scottish Advanced Highers
  • STEP

If we don't receive your results, we will contact you.

The deadline for submitting the above results and meeting all offer conditions is 24 August 2022.

Results you must send us for verification

If you are studying a qualification that is not included in the list above, we will ask you to submit your results/certificates to us by email as soon as you receive them. We will confirm the deadline for these results within your offer conditions.

If you do not send proof of your qualifications by the specified deadline, this will hold up confirmation decisions; your offer may also be rejected if you miss the deadline. 

Please, do not post any certificates or documents to us. Instead, please email a copy of your official results to the relevant Admissions team.

Admissions teams contact details

Please send your results to one of the following teams by email:

If you have already posted your documents to us, please email the relevant Admissions team to notify them and include any electronic copies you may have.

Completed qualifications

If you have already completed certain qualifications towards the entry requirements at the point at which you apply, if made an offer, you will be required to send us evidence of these qualifications.

You must send evidence of these qualifications to the relevant Admissions team by 19 July 2022.

Submitting your English language test results

 If you are taking one of the following tests to meet your English language offer condition, you need to submit your results by 19 July 2022.

  • Pearson
  • Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency
  • Duolingo English 

We will need to verify your test results online. Please ensure that you quote your UCAS number in any email correspondence with our Admissions teams

  • For IELTS, email your Test Report Form Number or a scanned copy of your certificate to the relevant Admissions team. For IELTS indicator, send your IELTS Indicator Score Check ID (15 character ID)
  • For Pearson, make sure you have sent your scores to Imperial via your PearsonPTE account and email the Admissions team once you have referred your results.
  • For TOEFL, send your 16 digit registration number or a scanned copy of your certificate to the relevant Admissions team.
  • For Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Tests, email your certificate to the Admissions team.
  • For Duolingo English tests, refer your results to Imperial via your Duolingo portal and/or email your linked results to the Admissions team.

Other English language qualifications

If you have completed any other accepted English language qualifications, you will need to email the results to the appropriate Admissions team.

Proof of ATAS clearance

Certain courses at Imperial require you to obtain ATAS clearance as part of your offer conditions. Where this applies, you will need to get this before applying for permission to enter the UK.

An ATAS certificate is valid for 6 months from the date it is issued, to enable you time to apply for your visa.

If you have an ATAS condition as part of your offer, you should submit your ATAS application as soon as possible from 1 April 2022 onwards.

Once your ATAS clearance has been obtained, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will email us a copy of your ATAS certificate directly. 

ATAS clearance must be submitted to the Admissions team by 19 July 2022.

Please visit the ATAS guidance webpage to make your ATAS application.

Minors declaration if you are under 18 years old at the start of your course

If you will be under 18 years of age at the start of your course, you will be required to submit a Minor's declarations as part of your offer conditions.

Minor's declarations must be submitted to the Admissions team by 19 July 2022.

Disclosure and Barring Service (MBBS applicants)

Medical students are required to obtain a certificate of enhanced disclosure from the UK Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) on entry to Imperial's School of Medicine.

A DBS Certificate is a document containing information held by the police and government departments. The DBS, an executive agency of the Home Office, provides these certificates.

DBS clearance must be submitted to the Admissions team by 30 June 2022.

The completed DBS Certificate application is forwarded to the DBS for immediate processing and prior to fulfilment of any other offer conditions.

If you have never lived in the UK, you will not be required to complete a DBS application prior to entry but you are required to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct from your government or police force. 

Submitting amended grades as a result of an appeal

The deadline for submitting amended grades following an appeal is 31 August 2022.

Official proof of the amended grades must be emailed to the relevant admissions team.

Mitigating circumstances

We will not normally consider mitigating circumstances unless you submit evidence to Imperial before you sit your exams.

Mitigating circumstances must be submitted to the Admissions team by 19 July 2022.