Documents should be posted to the following address:

Imperial College London
Registry: Admissions
Sherfield Building, Level 3
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ

We receive many documents each day and it can take up to two weeks to process clearance (especially of academic qualifications). You can monitor changes via UCAS Track. Please note that certified copies of documents will not be returned unless you include a covering letter indicating that you require these posting back to you.

If the status of your documents is not updated after three weeks from the date you sent them, please contact the Admissions Team.

Submitting your offer conditions

We should receive A-Level, Pre-U Certificate, International Baccalaureate, Irish Leaving Certificates, Scottish Advanced Highers and STEP results automatically from UCAS, but you will be contacted if we do not receive your results. If you are taking other qualifications, please email your admissions team a copy of your official results *note, we are currently advising applicants to email their results as we are aware of various services being delayed and/or disrupted. The College reserves the right to amend this guidance and to inform applicants where a hard copy document must be posted.

Please contact:

The above listed high school qualifications must be received by the College no later than the 21 August 2020. If we do not receive your results by this deadline, then it is likely that your place will not be confirmed. The deadline for the receipt of confirmation of any examination remarks is the 28 August 2020.

Please note that some EU and international high school qualifications usually have an earlier submission deadline of the 31st July 2020. If this is the case, we will have confirmed this in your offer conditions *This deadline has now been extened to the 18th August.

If you have made any changes to the examinations you are taking since completing your UCAS application please let the College and UCAS know immediately in order to help us in processing your results.

Please also check UCAS Track and make sure that you have supplied us with any other documents which we have requested as part of your offer, such as evidence of your English language qualifications. 

Please note the following deadlines for submitting acceptable evidence:

  • IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson and Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency English results normally have a deadline of the 16th July 2020. *This deadline has now been extened to the 18th August and will be kept under review.
  • If you have qualifications that were completed when you applied (i.e were not pending completion at that stage), verification of these qualifications must be received by the 16th July 2020
  • If you have an ATAS condition on your offer, ATAS clearance  must be received by the 16th July 2020. *This deadline has now been extended to the 18th August.

Submitting English language test results:

If you have been asked to demonstrate your English language proficiency we may be able to verify your test results online if you have taken an IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL or Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency tests:

  • For IELTS, you can provide your Test Report Form Number or a scanned copy of your certificate to the relevant admissions team.
  • For Pearson, ensure you have sent your scores to Imperial via your PearsonPTE account
  • For TOEFL, you can send your 16 digit registration number or a scanned copy of your certificate. Please ensure that you quote your CID number in any email correspondence with the admissions team.
  • For Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Tests, email your certificate to the admissions team.

If you have completed another one of Imperial’s accepted English language qualifications, you will need to email the results to the appropriate admissions team.

Submitting  Mitigating Circumstances

We are aware that due to the unprecedented nature of current affairs that all our applicants will have faced disruption due to COVID-19 this year and we do not require you or your school to submit individual mitigating circumstances in relation to this.

If you faced other exceptional or special circumstances that you would like us to take into account, your mitigating circumstances must be received by the College, before your results are published and no later than the 16th July 2020. This will enable the Admissions Tutor to take this information into account when your results are released. We do not guarantee to consider mitigating circumstances received after this date.