Carbon Capture Plant

Key facts

Total expected intake
130 (2018 entry)

Applications : Admissions ratio 
9.7 : 1 (for 2015 entry)

Research Excellence Framework 2014
1st in the UK for research impact that is outstanding in terms of reach and significance

About the Department

Imperial's Department of Chemical Engineering is one of the largest departments of it's kind in a UK university.

Chemical engineers bring about innovation and improvements in process industries, such as those concerned with the manufacture of chemicals, food, fuel and pharmaceuticals. They achieve results by applying scientific, engineering and business principles to a variety of complex practical issues. The products of these industries play a major role in everyday modern life.

Our close collaboration with other Imperial departments and with industry partners in the chemical, energy (oil, gas and renewable), healthcare and processing industries ensures that the content of our courses is always evolving to reflect our latest research discoveries, as well as the needs of the profession. The result is that our students have access to a large choice of advanced and specialised topics, which you can tailor to your own career preferences. 

We also place an emphasis on project work, grounded in real industry problems. This is supported by facilities like our Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, which replicates many of the features you will encounter in the real world once you graduate.


Four-year courses (270 ECTS):

* Apply initially for MEng Chemical Engineering (H801)