The purpose of the Student Surveys Action Planning Group is to improve the student experience through observation and response to the outcomes of student satisfaction surveys. The group is responsible for:  

  • Having oversight of the College-level student internal and external survey outcomes, including reviewing the results of the NSS, PTES, PRES, Student Experience Survey and Module Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ) (qualitative and quantitative) and related analyses.  
  • Setting and producing prioritised College-level action plans in response to survey results, together with the Imperial College Union, with clearly identified owners for each action and timescales for completion. This includes production and oversight of a Master Action Plan, to ensure consolidation of activity and minimise duplication of effort across complementary activity.  
  • Overseeing the dissemination of College-level survey action plans through FECs providing an opportunity for Faculties to give feedback and to identify how this might be reflected in their own local priorities for action during the academic year. The Group will not monitor progress against departmental action plans, as these are reported against Annual Monitoring. However, it may refer to departmental action plans for the purposes of identifying and disseminating good practice. 
  • Referring agreed College-level survey action plans to other College committees as per the Schedule of Delegation (outlined below).
  • Considering any interaction and overlap between the Action Plan Master and other College action plans relating to the student experience (e.g. PTES/PRES, Student Experience Survey, MEQs, Pulse Surveys), to include consolidation where relevant. 
  • Identifying areas of good practice which can be shared and disseminated and areas of concern to aid in the completion of the College level survey action plan.  

Schedule of Delegation  

It is proposed that Committees take the lead for the oversight and monitoring of actions from the College level survey action plan, relating to their own Terms of Reference as set out below: 


  • Teaching Quality 
  • Learning Opportunities 
  • Assessment and Feedback

Student Experience Committee

  • Organisation and Management 
  • Learning Resources 

Both Committees

  • Student Voice 

QAEC and the Student Experience Committee would monitor progress against the actions throughout the year. 

The Quality Assurance Team and the Education Office will work together to maintain an oversight of progress with the action plan and could respond to ad hoc requests for NSS updates from other groups within the College.   

A final report of progress against Actions would be produced by the Chairs of QAEC and the Student Experience Committee and reported to Senate at the last meeting of the Academic Year (June). 


  • Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience) - Chair 
  • President – Imperial College Union 
  • Deputy President (Education) - Imperial College Union 
  • Deputy President (Welfare) - Imperial College Union 
  • Academic Registrar 
  • Head of Academic Services 
  • Head of Strategic Projects – Education Office and Academic Services 
  • Director of Student Services 
  • Director of Library Services  
  • Vice Dean of Education representing each Faculty 
  • Associate Professor of Education  
  • Graduate School representative 
  • Education Evaluation Manager, Strategic Planning 
  • Education Projects Officer, Education Office
  • Education Projects Coordinator, Education Office

Occasional Members to be invited as business requires.

Meeting dates

Meeting dates will be published here when they have been determined. The group is currently meeting on an ad-hoc basis.