The Student Experience Forum is a sub-committee of the College Education & Student Experience committee co-chaired by the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience) and the President of the Imperial College Union. It works closely with the Research and Enterprise Board on items relating to the research student experience, and with the Operations and Infrastructure Committee where there are operational considerations relating to and impacting the student experience. It also makes recommendations to the Education & Student Experience Committee to implement business to support the student experience. The Forum provides the opportunity for students to raise issues of particular concern or importance as they relate to the student experience. 

Terms of Reference

  • Enable discussion between staff and students on matters relating to the provision of an excellent student experience, including upcoming and ongoing challenges and sharing of new initiatives and best practice.
  • To co-create strategies for enhancing and innovating our provision to provide an excellent student experience.
  • To provide the opportunity for students and staff to raise issues of particular concern or importance as they relate to the student experience.
  • To make recommendations and provide reports to the Education and Student Experience Committee, including acting as forum for consultation on business delegated from the Committee.
  • To discuss and monitor the delivery and results of student surveys and the implementation of their action plans.
  • To consider the impact of decisions on all students, and to ensure an inclusive learning community, embedding equality and diversity into the student experience.

Core Membership

  • Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience), Co-Chair 
  • President, Imperial College Union, Co-Chair 
  • Deputy President (Welfare), Imperial College Union
  • Deputy President (Education), Imperial College Union 
  • Deputy President (Clubs and Societies), Imperial College Union 
  • Deputy President (Finance & Services), Imperial College Union
  • Vice-Deans (Education) 
  • Faculty Heads of Education and Student Experience (or nominee) 
  • Assistant Provost (Learning and Teaching) 
  • Assistant Provost (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) 
  • Associate Provost (Academic Planning) 
  • Head of Strategic Projects and Operations, Education Office  
  • Education Projects Manager, Education Office
  • Education Projects Coordinator, Education Office 
  • Academic Registrar 
  • Faculty Senior Tutors 
  • Managing Director, Imperial College Union 
  • Director of Academic Services 
  • Director of Campus Services 
  • Director of Student Services 
  • Head of International Student Support 
  • Director of the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication 
  • Director of Student Shapers 
  • Director of Library Services 
  • Director of the Graduate School 
  • Chairs of the sub-committees 
  • Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions 
  • Education Evaluation Manager, Strategic Planning 

Other colleagues may also attend meetings for specific agenda items.

Meetings and paper guidance 

Summaries will be made available shortly after each meeting and can be accessed by clicking on the relevant meeting date below.


Meeting dates and paper deadlines

2021/22 meeting dates and paper deadlines

Meeting datePaper deadline
8 November 2021 30 October 2021
6 December 2021 26 November 2021
13 January 2022 4 January 2022
8 February 2022 30 January 2022
16 March 2022 7 March 2022
4 April 2022 26 March 2022
13 May 2022 4 May 2022
7 June 2022 29 May 2022
29 June 2022 20 June 2022
7 September 2022 29 August 2022

2022/23 meeting dates and paper deadlines

Meeting datePaper deadline
5 October 2022 26 September 2022
2 November 2022 24 October 2022
30 November 2022 21 November 2022
11 January 2023 3 January 2023
8 February 2023 30 January 2023
8 March 2023 27 February 2023
12 April 2023 3 April 2023
17 May 2023 8 May 2023
14 June 2023 5 June 2023
12 July 2023 3 June 2023

2023/24 meeting dates and paper deadlines

Meeting datePaper deadline
12 October 2023 29 September 2023
8 November 2023 26 October 2023
10 January 2024 3 January 2024
13 March 2024 29 February 2024
30 April 2024 17 April 2024
26 June 2024 13 June 2024


2024/25 meeting dates and paper deadlines

Meeting date Paper deadline
17 September 2024 4 September 2024
4 November 2024 22 October 2024
8 January 2025 20 December 2024
3 March 2025 18 February 205
6 May 2025 22 April 2025
1 July 2025 18 June 2025

Paper guidance 

Please ensure that your paper has been approved by a member of the Forum before submission and that is no longer than 3-4 pages in length. Any additional material should be added as an appendix and all papers should include the Student Experience Forum coversheet at the start. 

We encourage all papers to meet the following accessibility guidelines: 

  • Consistent heading styles should be used to indicate grouping and add hierarchy to your content. 
  • All figures, tables, charts etc (including in appendices) are required to be clearly and consistently labelled. 
  • All link text must be clear, descriptive, and understandable without contextual content (do not use click here or include the URL).

Please note, if required, it is the item lead's responsibility to ensure a fully accessible version of the paper submitted to Student Experience Forum is available on request. 

To ensure accessibility, papers can be checked against the College's guidance on publishing accessible documents. Additionally, the latest version of Office (365) has an accessibility checker that highlights issues and solutions. To access, click on the Review tab within the document and then click Check Accessibility.