The Student Activities Board is a sub-committee of the College Education & Student Experience Committee chaired jointly by the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience), or their nominee, and the Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) of the Imperial College Union.  

Student activities are those that enrich a student's time at Imperial, including but not limited to the areas of arts, sports, music, culture, faith and extracurricular academic interests. 

Terms of Reference  

  • The purpose of the Board is:  
  • To develop strategies in partnership between the College and Union for enhancing and innovating the student activities provision to provide an excellent student experience.
  • To provide strategic oversight for the development and implementation of strategies relating to student activities where they are undertaken in partnership with the College, including those in:
    • Move Imperial
    • Imperial Athletes
    • The Blyth Centre for Music and Visual Arts
    • Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre
    • ICU’s department-focussed Societies
    • Other Clubs, Societies or projects where there is a dependency on the College’s services 
  • To oversee policies relating to joint initiatives between ICU and College. 
  • To receive financial reports on a quarterly basis from all joint ICU-College initiatives included within the remit of the Board (see above). 
  • To recommend prioritisation of projects and investments. 
  • To take a strategic view across the development and use of physical space for student activities and advise College and the ICU of priorities and issues in relation to these. 
  • To develop and review institutional policies relevant to the use and provision of student activities and to remove obstacles where appropriate and practicable. 
  • To receive and monitor relevant results and feedback from National Student Survey, Student Experience Survey, Physical Activity Survey, PTES and PRES and agree actions for the enhancement of student activities. 
  • To influence the development of student activities as an inclusive community, embedding opportunities to enhance equality, diversity, and inclusion consistent with our Values. 
  • To consider and make recommendations on proposals for strategic partnerships. 
  • To partner with Advancement on the generation of philanthropic income to support student activity. 
  • To work with the communications and student recruitment marketing colleagues to ensure the opportunities for prospective students to partake in student activities are clearly and accurately represented in all relevant material.   
  • To coordinate the joint application to grants for the development of student activities between College and Union. 
  • To enhance the communication of the importance of extracurricular activities to the student experience. 
  • To provide a reporting mechanism into the College’s Health and Safety governance structures. 
  • To report progress to the Education and Student Experience Committee on a regular basis. 
  • To receive updates from the other College departments and the ICU where relevant. 
  • To receive reports from the Harlington Committee. 

Core Membership (others to be co-opted): 

  • Vice-Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering (Co-Chair), as nominated by Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience)  
  • Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) (Co-Chair) 
  • Education Projects Manager, Education Office 
  • Additional student rep 
  • Director of Campus Operations 
  • Director of Student Services 
  • Director of Music and Director of the Blyth Centre 
  • Managing Director, ICU 
  • Head of Sport (Director)  
  • Director of Membership Services, ICU 
  • Student Opportunities and Development Manager, ICU 
  • Student Activities Manager (Events and Activities), ICU
  • Student Activities Manager (Operations), ICU
  • Director of CLCC 
  • Director of Safety 
  • Staff member from an academic department with current experience of working with a departmental society 
  • Deputy Director of Communications – Internal Communications 
  • College Chaplain 

Meeting dates and paper deadlines

Meeting date Paper deadline
2 November 2023 20 October 2023
16 January 2024 6 January 2024
12 March 2024 28 February 2024
1 May 2024 18 April 2024
Meeting date Paper deadline
29 November 2024 18 November 2024
7 January 2025 20 December 2024
26 March 2025 13 March 2025
30 April 2025 16 April 2025 
24 June 2025 11 June 2025