We are currently collating a list of FAQs about the project and these will be added to this page shortly.

Frequently asked questions

How will the outputs of the Imperial brand project align with the website redesign project?

The Brand design work is a key dependency for the Website and Brand projects. All teams involved will collaborate closely to ensure that the key deliverables will work well for both print and digital use (with a focus on mobile first design) and be fully compliant with WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards.

If we do not have time to update our web pages or move them to new templates what will happen to the content?

All existing content types and layouts will be migrated to the new design, but we would encourage teams to review and update content in order to benefit from the new designs and templates.

Will the News website be updated?

We would like to update the news website, ideally moving the site into T4 CMS. This will be scoped out and assessed as part of the Discovery and Consultation phase and a decision made at that point whether to proceed with this idea.

How will the content auditing process work?

Please see the content audit page for further information on the process and how to request an audit.

What are the discovery workshops and which themes will you be covering in the workshops?

We are running ten workshops over July and August to consult with as wide an audience as we can on the business needs for the new website. Find out more about the workshops and the themes.

Will workshop participants see the questions that will be raised at the workshops in advance to consult internally and come prepared with answers?

Yes, our digital agency will supply workshop invitees with an outline as to what to expect before said workshop will take place.

What happens if we missed the opportunity to join a workshop? How can my team ensure that our voices will still be heard?

If you have missed the opportunity to attend a workshop, we will be sending a detailed questionnaire to capture further details about website requirements. We have tried to arrange the workshops attendees to give as broad as coverage as possible across Imperial.

What consideration is given to user journeys across the college’s digital landscape, i.e. not only on the website but between wider online services?

The Imperial website is a central point for audeinces to reach the wider landscape of digital platforms used across Imperial. As part of the project, we will be looking at this digital landscape and working to understand and improve key journeys and access points to these online serives. We will be working closely with ICT and other teams to audit and understnand these tools.

How will sustainability be integrated into the website redesign project?

We will be working to integrate sustainable objecives into the website redesign project. Some key areas the will help improve the sustainability of the website will be reducing content, speeding up pages and improving audience journeys, reducing the energy required to serve the website. We will be working closely with ICT to align the website redesign with the wider sustainability strategy.