Images and other assets are uploaded by a designated group of departmental/divisional representatives.

If you need to upload images or documents please contact your Faculty Web Officer who will know who your rep is.

If you need further assistance please contact Photography.

Acceptable images

All images submitted for upload must be print quality and taken by a College recommended photographer.

Images in the following list will not be approved.

  • Stock imagery purchased from a commercial stock library such as Shutterstock or Getty Images. Such photography often has specific rights attached to it, and making it available to the College community would risk violating those rights.
  • Photography captured on smartphones or by non-photographer members of staff. Such imagery is unlikely to be of the quality and/or resolution required for high level College communications activity.
  • Photography from a photographer who has not signed the College’s consultancy agreement for photographers. Any member of the College community can download and use images from the Asset Library, so we need to be sure that we have full rights for this sort of usage.
  • Photography of laboratory settings in which subjects are not using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Guidelines on the College’s policy for PPE in photography.