Below is list of the things that editors of the College website need to do in order for content to meet WCAG 2.1 accessibility regulations and College standards. For each section there are also links to guidance on how to meet this standard.

Images and audio visual content

  • All images have appropriate alternative text (alt-text)
  • All complex images e.g. infographic or chart have a text alternative provided in context (e.g. below the image) or on a separate linked page
  • Images of text are not used if text alone can be used to present the information
  • All videos must have a clear description or caption that describes the main purpose of the video.


Headings and page titles

  • Correct heading styles are used for content sections
  • The web page has a descriptive and informative page title
  • Headings are clear, informative and unique (i.e. avoid having two heading 2 with the same name)


Using clear and effective headings


  • All link text is clear and descriptive so that it can be understood without any contextual content 
  • The same link text is not used to go to different destinations


Writing descriptive links


  • Content in downloadable documents is published as HTML web pages
  • All downloadable documents are published as accessible PDFs



Tables are only used for tabular data and not for standard content layout.


Using tables