The column colour blocks are used to display a group of content blocks in two or three columns. These blocks can be added to landing and content pages. These are often used for featuring certain content or as prominent links to sub-sections, to help your visitors navigate your pages.

If you have more than one area on a page which you want to draw your users attention to, you can have more than one block group on a page.

There are four main types of colour blocks. For each of these, you can display them with background colours (from your chosen colour theme), or a without colour (light theme activated). You can also include a related image at the top of these blocks.

Choose the type of column colour block you want to add

The blocks below are using two 2 Column colour blocks. The first two items use the background colour and the third and fourth items have the light theme selected.

There is also a 2 Column general content block/Twitter, which adds two general content blocks with a third column showing a twitter feed.

Alternative: Flexible content blocks

The column colour blocks are very easy to add and great if you want to add similar content in columns to your pages. If you want a bit more flexibility in the type of content you add to the columns then you may want to consider flexible content blocks instead. For example you may want the first column to be a colur block and then add a twitter feed, news article or a block of text in subsequent columns.

Flexible content blocks are a little more work to set up initially, but are very easy to manage after that and offer you a lot more options for the type of content you want to display in the columns.

Learn more about flexible content blocks