T4 keeps a history of all versions of content created. This enables you to view all items saved in History, compare versions, and revert to a previous version at any stage if needed.

  1. Click on the item of content.
  2. Select the History tab from the Content Item screen. This screen then appears:

    You can then either preview the content, make it into the current version or compare two versions.

  3. To preview a version of the conent click on the blue Actions button and select Preview. It will then show you a preview of the content in a separate browser tab. Please note this does not work for items for such as accordions, slideshows and flexible content. To view that content you will need to make that version current and then preview the page (see below).
  4. To make a version of the content current, click on the blue Actions button and select Make current. This will then make that a new version of the content based on the version you selected, which can then be edited as normal via the Content tab.
  5. To compare two versions of the content, tick the items you want to compare and click on the Compare selected button.

    You will then see a side by side comparison of the content.

    Please note that the styling is not exactly how it will appear in the editing interface and not all content types are compatible with this comparison feature.

    After you compare content, click the Back button to return to the History tab.