Terminalfour (T4) Site Manager is Imperial’s main website content management system (CMS). These pages act as an online guide designed to provide an easy reference guide and provide instructions for using T4 and how to get training and support.

Accessing T4

You will only be able to access T4 via the log in link on this page if you have completed training on T4. See details about training below. If you have not completed training you will get a '401' error when you attempt log in.


All users of T4 Site Manager must complete the online T4 course before being given access to the system and update web pages. You can request training for t4 Site Manager and your Faculty Web Officer will arrange this.

We also recommend that editors complete the Writing for the web and Accessibility for web editors online courses, as these cover key content skills for website editors.

Instructions for using T4 Site Manager

You can navigate through all the guidance using the navigation menu on the left, but here are a list of the most popular how to guides.


Supported browsers

Terminalfour state that:

"the most current browser versions are used to test Terminalfour at the time of release. Earlier and later versions should also work just fine"

The current Imperial version of T4 is released on 6 April 2023.

Supported browser version history

Please also note which browser versions are supported at Imperial.