Qualtrics form and survey tool

Qualtrics is the College's preferred system for creating forms and surveys. The Qualtrics pages provides guidance and tips on how to build and publish your forms or surveys and how to export data from it.

Qualtrics forms can also be embedded on t4 pages (sections) with the iFrame - Qualtrics Form content type.


1. Once you have the Qualtrics embed code add an iFrame - Qualtrics Form content type to the relevant page in your site structure. (Find out how to add a content type to a section).

Note: Please ensure that your embedded Qualtrics form uses the template designed especially for t4, called: For T4 Web Pages

2. Complete the compulsory fields listed below.

Important: to avoid cutting off the bottom of your form/survey you need to make sure that the height is set correctly.

iFrame - Qualtrics Form field options

Field titleWhat should I do?Is it compulsory?
Name* This is the behind-the-scenes name, only visible to editors of the section Yes
Source* Add the Qualtrics embed code, use the Anonymous Link option.
The code should like something like our dummy version:
Screenreader title* This should be a short description of what the form is for. This is for accessibility as it helps screenreader users understand the purpose of this content. Yes
Height* You must set the height this is in pixels. You may need to use trial and error to set the correct height for your form. Ideally you want to avoid having a scroll bar. You can use the preview to see how your form displays after each change. Yes
Frame Border Do not use No
Scrolling Defaults to Yes No

3. Click Save and approve

Save and approve optionExample of an embedded Qualtrics form