The content types in T4 are set up to use specific dimensions, so it is very important to use the correct image size to ensure your images display correctly. For example, the aspect ratio of a banner bottom block image is very different to a 2-column colour block, so using the wrong size may squash or stretch the image, which will not give visitors to your page a good first impression.

In total there are five standard image sizes for use across the different content types. The table below lists these and the corresponding category (folder) in the Media Library, which is the storage area in T4 for documents and images. There is also a category for non-standard image sizes. These should only be used in the General content, Accordion items and Tabs content types.

The name of the categories indicates the image size that should be added to them. For example, the Banner bottom block 3000x850 is only for images that are 3000 pixels wide and 850 pixels high.

Depending on the content type into which you are adding an image, you must select an image of the correct dimensions to suit that content type.

Correct image sizes and categories

The table below lists each of the image categories in the Media Library in the first column, with the correct image dimensions for the category in the second column. The third column lists the correct content types to be used with that image category.

Category folder in Media LibraryRequired image sizeContent types that use these image sizes
Banner bottom block 3000x850 3000 pixels(px) wide by 850 pixels(px) high
  • Banner bottom block
  • Slideshow (short)
  • General content*
  • Accordions*
  • Tabs*
Banner left block 3000x1200 3000px wide by 1200px high
  • Banner left block
  • Banner slideshow
  • Slideshow (tall)
  • General content*
  • Accordions*
  • Tabs*
Landscape 3000x2000 3000px wide by 2000px high
  • All column blocks
  • All column colour blocks
  • Carousel
  • Image grid
  • News and events manual block
  • Thumbnail block
  • General content*
  • Accordions*
  • Tabs*
Portrait 2000x3000 2000px wide by 3000px high
  • General content*
  • Accordions*
  • Tabs*
People list 300x400 300px wide by 400px high
  • People grids
  • People lists
Non-standard dimensions Non-standard dimensions other than the ones specified above, for example square aspect images. Only for use with 

  • General content
  • Accordions
  • Tabs


*Images in general content/accordions/tabs are not fixed to specific dimensions, so you are able to use images from landscape, portrait, banner bottom block or banner left block dimension.

The instruction pages for each content type also state which image size you should use.