If you want to add a new section of the Imperial website or redesign your current pages, you should first contact your Faculty Web Officer (FWO), who will be able to support you and advise on the best way to approach this.
You can also request a new section in T4 via ASK.

What you should think about before requesting a new section or a redesign

Before speaking to your FWOs, you should try and think about the following and if possible, have some answers prepared:

  • What are the subjects or topics your web pages will cover?
  • Who are your audiences (internal and/or external)?
  • What are the main things your audiences need to do or find out when visiting your web pages?
  • What are your (business) objectives for the pages?
  • Is anyone else in the College talking to the same audiences about the same (or similar) subject? If you don't know, you can always do a search on the website.
  • How would you define success for the web pages? For example, do you have any KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or other ways to measure success?
  • Who will own the content and be responsible for ensuring it is up to date and correct?

Creating a development site 

If you are creating a brand new section or are doing a significant redesign of your existing pages, and you want to work on the content away from the main website, then your FWO can create a section in the ‘Development sites’ area in T4. This is like the 'Under construction' area in the previous version of T4. You will then be able to work on these pages without them being found via search engines or via the website navigation.

When the development site is set up, you will be given editing access and will see this in the site structure in T4. Development sites usually have ‘(development site)’ at the end of name, for example, Human resources (development site), so that they can be distinguished from live sections of the website.

Moving your development content to the live website 

Once you have completed work on your development site, your FWO will be able to help you move your content and publish it on the live website area in T4.

Frequently asked questions 

Who will have access to edit my development site? 

Initially only the person requesting it will be given access to edit the development site. Please advise your FWO if others need access. All editors will need to have completed T4 training before they are given access. If they have not been trained, then they can request training via the main T4 web page.

Can I share the development pages with others so they can review them? 

Yes. When you publish your development pages your Faculty Web Officer will tell you the web address (URL) that you can share with anyone so they can view the pages. The people you share it with do not need access to T4.

Can I keep my development site after I have finished with it?

By default, once the content has been moved to the live website, the development site will be removed unless you advise your FWO that you want to keep it.

Can I password-protect my development site? 

By default, development sites are not password-protected, but you can request this via your FWO.

Can I get data on how many people visit my web pages?

Yes. Your FWO can set up an analytics dashboard for your pages, which will show you the information about the traffic to your pages.

Further help 

If you have any further questions about setting up a new section in T4 or redesigning your existing pages, then please contact your Faculty Web Officer.