Imperial blogs

The College provides branded blogs for Imperial staff and students.

Imperial blogs can cover everything and anything related to student and staff life at the College. From posts about your latest research, to student expeditions and research trips, to project updates, Imperial blogs can provide you with an opportunity to share your experiences with the wider community and promote your activities to your target audiences.

Key features

  • Filtered search on your specific blog
  • Categorisation based on tagging
  • Automatic archive of your content by month
  • Popular posts based on user views
  • Automatic RSS feed for consumption by other websites
  • Easily embed video, slideshows and audio
  • Access to site statistics via the College's Google Analytics account

Advantages of using the College blog platform

  • Any rebranding or redesign happens automatically
  • Ongoing support from ICT, Communications and Development and your Faculty
  • Automatically tested for accessibility
  • Indexed by all the major search engines including Google

Guides and documentation


Further help

  • If you'd like to know more about blogging at Imperial, please contact your Faculty Web Officer


Please allow up to five working days for your blog to be set up after submitting a request.