What are analytics dashboards?

Analytics dashboards give you quick and easy access to website reports that you can share with your department or the College community without the need for access to, or expertise in Google Analytics.

The dashboard gives you metrics on things like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Time spent on the page
  • Page views
  • Popular pages
  • Traffic sources
  • Top search queries

It is a good idea to use these types of metrics as part of your user research for a website redesign. They are a good indicator of what people are coming to your site for and they can help inform your content decisions.

How to request a dashboard for your website(s)

When we create a new website we will normally create an associated dashboard and share it with the editors of the website. We are also setting up dashboards for existing websites.

If you would like a dashboard for your website(s) then contact your Faculty Web Officer.

Types of dashboard

There is a standard template for the dashboards, which can be set up quickly and will give you all the most useful metrics for your website.

If you have any further requirements then you will need to discuss a bespoke report with your Faculty Web Officer