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Accordions are useful for putting extra detail into small areas so that users can choose if they want to read further. Accordions allow editors to pack a lot of information into a page, without it feeling too long or creating sub-pages.

But, it’s tempting to overuse accordions just to keep a page small, or neat. This can actually make it more difficult for our users to get to important content. Hiding important content in accordions means:

  • Users can’t skim a page for the information that’s important to them
  • Users need to understand what the title of the accordion means
  • Users need an extra click to see the information inside the accordion

Accordion do’s

  • Do consider using normal text instead. Use clear headings, bullet points, or numbered lists
  • Do include an introduction at the top of the page
  • Do use accordions for secondary information
  • Do use accordions for step-by-step guides
  • Do test accordion titles with people who aren’t familiar with the content inside of the accordions

Accordion don’ts

  • Don’t put all of the page’s content inside accordions
  • Don’t use accordions to just to make a page seem shorter
  • Don’t use an accordion to hide small pieces of text

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