The T4 Media Library contains hundreds of existing images and more will be added over time. This includes images added by other editors around the College. 

If you do not have a specific image in mind to add to your content, then we would recommend browsing or searching the Media Library images first as these images have already been prepared for use on T4 web pages, so they don’t require cropping or resizing. 

Searching for images 

Depending on which content type you are using, you will access the Media Library in different ways. For most content types this will be via the specific image(s) fields and the Select media button. If you are adding an image to General content, Accordions or Tabs, then you will add images via the text editor. 

When you get to the Media Library, you will see an Images category (folder), if you expand this you will see the five different categories of images. These categories relate to the image size and the content type you are adding the image to.

Please refer to the Image sizes for different content types  guidance for the correct category to use for the content type you are using.  To search for an image click on one of the categories, for example, Landscape 3000 x 2000. You will then see a list of the images in that category. 

You can then either browse the folder or search for a particular image using the Filter. When you type a word or phrase in the Filter it will search the image name, keywords and filenames and return a filtered list based on what you typed.











Learn more about searching and using existing images on the T4 Image management course


Want to add your own image?

If you can’t find a suitable image in the Media Library, then please see our guidance on Adding new images to the Media Library