The Main Entrance large screen

The Communications and Public Affairs Division is responsible for managing the content displayed on the large screen in the College Main Entrance at South Kensington campus.

The screen has been installed in front of the Business School 'drum', where it is most visible to visitors. The screen cannot be moved.

Given the high-profile location of the screen and its prominent position in one of the College's public spaces, the content on this screen is prioritised for the broadest audience groups:

  • All staff
  • All students
  • Public visitors

Rolling content deck

A deck of slides is shown on rotation throughout the day and when the screen is not being used for special events. The slides fall into the following categories, and we allow a maximum of seven slides at any one time:

  • 'Welcome to Imperial' messaging
  • News stories
  • Public events
  • Major College events and campaigns
  • Seasonal messaging

This selection has been chosen to focus on messaging that is most relevant to the identified audiences.

The following types of content will not be considered for publication on the screen:

  • Faculty or Department-specific messaging
  • Student sub-group specific messaging
  • Emergency messaging

Additionally, due to the large volume of requests received for event promotion, events are compiled onto a single monthly events slide. If you would like your event to be featured on the slide (subject to space), please contact the Internal Communications Team. The image specifications are 1296 x 720 px in size and 300 dpi.

If you are leading a College-wide campaign aimed at the identified audiences, we can include a slide to raise awareness of the campaign within the rolling deck, subject to existing bookings.

Slides displayed on the rolling content deck need to follow Imperial's brand guidelines and must be designed by a professional graphic designer. If you do not have a designer on staff, the Design team can offer guidance and recommend a freelancer (at cost to you). Please get in touch with the Internal Communicaitons Team for more information.

Special events

For special events held in the main entrance space, it is possible to arrange a 'takeover' of the large screen, displaying content that specifically relates to your event.

You must have the Main Entrance space booked for your event via the College Secretary's office to arrange a takeover.

The takeover will run during the time of your event and will automatically switch back to the rolling content deck when your event finishes.

You can display two types of content on the screen during your takeover:

  1. Still images
  2. Multimedia (PowerPoint presentation, video and/or audio, using the microphones)

With option 1, you only need to contact the Internal Communications Team to reserve the takeover and discuss branding guidelines/screen requirements.

With option 2, you will need to contact both the Internal Communications Team and the Events and Hospitality team. A member of the Events and Hospitality team will need to be present at your event to manage displaying multimedia on the screen. Please note: there is a cost for this service.


If the screen is not working or if you notice any damage to it, please contact the Service Desk: or x49000.