The Document download button can be used on all pages with either a sidebar (on the left) or a highlight box (aligned within text on the right).

It provides a clickable button for important documents that you wish to highlight on your page. You can see a live example on the right of this page.


Before continuing make sure you add a highlight box widget and have a HighlightBox section on your page.

  1. Find the hidden HighlightBox section for your page in your site structure; 
  2. Click on the blue Actions button and click Create content;
  3. A list of content will appear. Select the item called 'Download button - HighlightBox, Sidebar'(Find out how to add a Content type)
  4. A form will appear. Complete the form as follows:

NB: There are six fields, the first two are compulsory and one of the two link options should always be used.

Download button content type fields

Field title What should I do? Is it compulsory?
Name* Name the button and give it a concise description e.g. Download button - training page Yes
Link text* This is the text that appears in the button (Max 128 characters) Yes
File type Add the file type, for example, PDF, DOCX, TXT, WORD (always use CAPITAL LETTERS)  No
File size Add the size of the file, for example, 25MB, 2KB (always use CAPITAL LETTERS and no space)  No
Link Media Library Click Select media to Add a document (pdf, Word, Powerpoint etc.,) from the Media Library OR No, but buttons must link to somewhere
Link external file Copy and paste a file URL from external website, the URL must be hosted outside the CMS (max 640 characters) No, but buttons must link to somewhere

Select 'Highlighted' for a navy button

Select 'Not highlighted' for a white button

No, it will default to highlighted which will create a navy button

 Select Save and approve to save your changes.

Save and approve option

Adding a download button to a sidebar

You can also add a document download button in a sidebar.