The College uses the web in an audience focused way which aligns with College strategy, technology advances and legal requirements. The web is a very powerful medium for communication and for collaboration, and to ensure that we use it to best advantage, there is an integrated College web programme which has a governance structure and defined management processes.   The following teams and processes form current web governance.

Web Operations Team

Terms of Reference

The primary role of Web Operations Team (WOT) is to provide a focus for web professionals to coordinate and influence the delivery of College-wide web projects and developments, and to advise and support on all digital and content strategies and governance.

The Web Operations Team will meet fortnightly to:

  • Maintain co-ordination and collaboration across all of the various College Digital teams.
  • Highlight and align strategic objectives with departments and central services 
  • To manage and maintain our reputation as UX experts.
  • To continue to understand our audience groups and champion the user.
  • Share, discuss and influence digital initiatives, strategies and governance across College.
  • Ensure web training and best practice is provided to system users to maintain a high quality of content online.
  • Get a high level overview of current development work and understand testing requirements imminent releases.

The work discussed at WOT meetings can then be progressed in further formal prioritisation sessions held with the FWOs and Digital team, and within any project work either at College or Divisional level.


Team members have a duty to reflect the needs and priorities of the constituencies they represent, and as such are required to consult with their respective constituencies and reflect their views accordingly.

The membership of Web Operations Team is:

Meeting arrangements

Meetings will be one hour on a fortnightly basis by default, but can be cancelled if required. Meeting duration can be adjusted depending on the number of agenda items.

The Chair of the meeting will rotate dependent on who is available and willing to lead.

The Digital Projects Coordinator will administer the MS Teams Site, schedule the meetings, minute the meetings and create the agendas. Minutes and Actions will be added to the WIKI as soon as possible after the meeting has concluded.

Team members will submit agenda items to the Projects Coordinator one week prior to the meeting.

FWOs will prepare 'Hot Topics' in their digital notebooks 24 hours in advance of the meeting and from which subjects can be selected to be discussed at the meeting.