Before you preview your survey make sure it is accessible.

Now you have built your form / survey you need to preview it and publish it.

Give it a try

Previewing your survey

1. Click on the Preview button at the top of the page.
2. You can see what your survey looks like on a web page as well as on a mobile phone. 
3. The preview allows you to complete the survey as a recipient would see it.
4. Click Close Preview to return to your survey.

Publishing your survey

5. Click the Publish button at the top of the page.
6. The Expert Review box will pop up to give you an indication of how ‘good’ your survey is and how you can make improvements to it:

Expert Review screen in Qualtrics7. Click Publish.
8. A survey activated message will appear giving you the Qualtrics URL link to your survey. You can then send the survey link on to your recipients.

Survey activated message in Qualtrics9. For more options click on Distributions to send the link by email through Qualtrics, make personal links or send via social media.

10. Remember, if you edit and make changes to your survey / form after it has been published you will have to re-publish it to make the changes live. This may cause problems with your data collection so we do not recommend making changes once published.

Next steps

Now you have published your survey / form you can look at Extracting survey data and reports.