Across the Directorate we have been looking at new ways to recognise and reward staff for their tireless hard work and contributions. In 2022 we implemented an annual recognition scheme designed to celebrate colleagues outstanding dedication to Academic Services and the Imperial community.

The 2023 scheme has now closed and winners were announced at the celebration event that took place on 13th December 2023. 

Details of the winners can be found here.

If you have any questions relating to the scheme please contact Anushka Patel (


It is important that the composition of this panel represents a cross-section of the teams within Academic Services and includes colleagues at a range of job levels. The panel will consist of one representative per team that should remain the same year on year, winners from the previous year will be invited to join if they so wish. For the Team award, one team member should be put forward to join the panel. 

The panel will be briefed on the importance of confidentiality and should a panel member or associated line manager/direct report be nominated for an award; they will not be present whilst the nomination is discussed in order to ensure impartiality. The panel for 2023 was: 

Julie Hartill - Centre for Academic English 

Ulrika Wernmark-Kent - Centre for Continuing Professional Development 

Robyn Lowe - Digital Media Lab 

David Blanco - Interdisciplinary EdTech Lab 

Ruth Newton - Library Services 

David Gibbon - Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions 

Judith Webster - Registry 

Louise Sherlock - Research Office 

Vikki Sood - Student Services 


Awards can be made for the following categories;

Inspirational Leadership

This award recognises a colleague who effectively leads and inspires individuals and/or teams to reach their full potential. They do this by effortlessly demonstrating leadership and management skills that instil confidence in others and motivate people to achieve excellent results. Through their people skills they bring out the very best in themselves and in others and provide support and encouragement to enable successful outcomes. Your nominee will demonstrate our university values in all that they do and challenge and encourage those around them to do the same.

When making your nomination, give examples of how this individual has had a visible and positive impact on the people who they work alongside and what has been achieved because of their work. Your nominee can have leadership responsibility at any level, they do not have to be a line manager. This can include leading projects and working groups or leading on activities within a department.

Outstanding Contribution

This award recognises an individual that has made a significant contribution to promoting further improvements or making a visible difference within Academic Services. They may have utilised innovation and creativity to develop brand new or significantly improve existing processes, methods, systems, products or services.

Please tell us about the contribution your nominee has made to adding value to their area of work and the work of Academic Services.

Outstanding Team

This award recognises a team that invests time and energy into delivering outcomes and achieving goals through collaboration and sharing of knowledge. This could be a project team, a service delivery team or any other group of colleagues that are working together to demonstrate excellence. They may deliver an important service to students or have developed a procedure that’s behind the scenes but makes everyone’s work better connected or more efficient. In whatever they do they are signifying a clear commitment to the future success of Academic Services and the wider College community.

Tell us about the team, how they have worked together on the work they do and why this work matters.

Unsung Hero

This award recognises a colleague who goes out of their way to provide an exceptional service. They go the extra mile in everything they do and help make the difficult things less difficult. This colleague not only embodies the Imperial Values in their work but also in the way they engage with everybody they encounter, making it a joy to work with them. They make a difference to people every day yet may not realise that they do.

Please tell us about the work of your nominee, how it contributes to Academic Services and what it means to you and your colleagues.

Marvellous Mentor

This award recognises an individual who inspires, guides and provides direction and clarity through their mentorship (this can be in an official or unofficial capacity). They may understand the struggles and aspirations of the mentee and provide encouragement to face any challenges and explore new horizons. A Marvellous Mentor is someone who listens with patience, is approachable and can share their own skills and perspectives. This individual may have been instrumental in adding value to your own career progression. 

Please share how your nominee has provided support and direction and what positive impact it has had on you.


In December a celebratory event was scheduled as a thank you for all Academic Services staff and as a way to recognise our award winners. At this event winners had their names and categories announced along with a citation, and were each presented with a certificate from Richard Martin, Director of Academic Services. 

Each category will have one winner and one highly commended, and winners cannot be awarded in the same category for a period of one year following their achievement. Individuals will be awarded £300 on winning and teams will be allocated £36.00 per head to spend on a group activity.