Dear students,

As we have now reached the end of term, I'd like to send my warmest congratulations to all students on doing remote assessments and projects this year in what have been very unusual and exceptional circumstances.  I wish you luck in whatever path you choose to take next.

A few months ago, none of us would have predicted the changes which the pandemic has wrought on all of our lives. Accommodating such a radical shift in such a short time is not simple, so you should be very proud of what you have managed to achieve in the last few months.

I know you will have faced major disruptions and challenges in your life followed by the new demands of doing online assessments, in some cases thousands of miles away from your support networks.  As a community you have risen to the challenge and supported each other and I am immensely proud of all of you and of the staff who worked so hard to make the process as smooth as possible.

I hope that, once you have had the outcome of your course from your Board of Examiners, you can take some time to relax with friends and family, enjoy the summer and continue to adapt to the new ways of life we are all facing as you start the next chapter in your lives, whether that’s starting your career or undertaking further study.  Some of you may be doing placements or internships, perhaps remotely - I wish you well with these.

Finishing your university course is a real milestone to be celebrated. But it can also be a daunting time and this year, more than most, things may take longer to fall into place for you - but I have no doubt that they will. The world will need people with your creativity, skills and resilience to help us move beyond the current crisis and reconfigure our lives.

In the meantime, please do take advantage of our careers service and find out how they can help you for up to three years after you graduate.

I wish you the best of luck and we look forward to keeping in touch with you via our alumni networks.

Best wishes,