It is very important that the text we use for hyperlinks describes where people will go if they click that link. This makes it easier for everyone. There is more about Writing descriptive links in our accessible content guidance.

For example, you may have links like these in the document:

or worse still, there may be vague link text like click here, link or here.

These are all bad for accessibility as they make it harder for people to understand where the link will take them. Link text should be descriptive and if possible unique.

How to edit link text

These instructions use screenshotes from Word, but the process is the same for both Excel and PowerPoint.

1. Right click on the hyperlink.
2. Click Link/Edit Link (if using a Mac you then need to select Link then Edit Link…)


3. Change the Display text: (or Text to display) to something more descriptive. For this example “Postgraduate course guides”.


4. Click OK and you will end up with something like:
Postgraduate course guides

Which is a clearer, more descriptive link.

Further guidance

See our guidance about Writing descriptive links.