Auditing work is currently on hold in order to put staff resource into other areas of the project. Content audits will resume once the new website is launched in the autumn.

As part of the discovery phase for the website redesign, we will be auditing the content on the main Imperial website (managed by T4) to help content owners understand what content they have and how to get it in shape before the new website design is completed.

The objectives of this audit is to:

  • identify content that needs to be updated or deleted by editors
  • review documents in the T4 Media Library and remove any that are no longer needed
  • identify and fix broken links
  • confirm owners of the content

Due to the scale of the Imperial website, we expect this audit to take until the end of 2023. We are doing audits on a section-by-section basis and will send the audit report to the listed owner/main editor of the section, with recommended actions.

What will be included on the audit report?

1. Page inventory

This is a list of all the pages and information on them including:

  • page titles and main headings
  • meta descriptions
  • readability scoring
  • Google Analytics visitor numbers for the past six months
  • date of when the page was last updated and by whom
  • recommendations on whether to review or delete the page
  • any other comments or observations

2. Broken links report

A list of all the links on the pages that are broken

3. Media Library report

List of media library documents including:

  • name of the document
  • file name and size
  • when it was updated and by whom
  • how many times it is linked to on the website

When will I receive my report?

We are currently working through a list of sections to audit. If you would like us to prioritise your section of the site, please send a request and we will add to our priority list.

Request an audit of your web pages (audit work is currently on hold until after the launch of the website)

Please note this audit only covers the main College website hosted on T4, so does not include the Business School website or any other sites not hosted on T4.

Guidance on your audit report

If you have received an audit report then we have put together some guidance which explains all the information in the report.