The Imperial website in numbers

Infographic showing key statistics about the Imperial College London website. Full text description below.Text version

Infographic showing 211 bugs fixed, 58 new features released, 80 improvements developed, 656 ASK support questions answered, 18 websites audited, 14 platform and apps, 2 software systems replaced, 1,300+ editors, 150,000+ web pages, 24.2 million website visits.

Tobacco's global footprint across the entire supply chain

Infographic showing tobacco's global footprint. Text description below

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The chart above depicts tobacco's global footprint across the entire supply chain, drawing on statistics from 2014.

The graphic shows that:

  • 22,200 megatons of water, 5.3 million hectares of land, 62.2 gigajoules of energy and 27.2 megatons of material resources went into creating 6 trillion cigarettes

  • The cigarettes were manufactured in nearly 500 factories across 125 countries, and produced 6.48 megatons of dry tobacco, and 32.4 megatons of green tobacco leaf