Theme overview

Separations in chemical engineering involves transforming a mixture of substances into two or more distinct products for various applications.

The Separations research theme aims to develop energy efficient separations across a range of industrial applications using novel material and synthesis, chemical analysis and systems and process design.

By integrating chemical and biochemical processes with solutions to their separations challenges we create tailored and transferrable separations solutions for a multitude of scenarios.

These include membrane-based separations in the gas and liquid phase, CO2 removal from complex effluent streams, and waste refining and trace element removal from complex streams.

Scientific Scope

The research in this theme utilises a wide variety of technologies.

Our characterisation expertise enables us to examine structured materials, custom liquids, and porous solids while focusing on their thermophysical, sorption and performance properties, extending across synthetic and natural materials.

We utilise advanced synthetic techniques and materials processing to develop materials suitable to a variety of challenging environments.

We remediate difficult waste streams (CO2 from gas streams, waste water, trace heavy metal removal from solid and liquid waste streams) to enable further processing and valorisation of these resources.

Research in this theme also takes place in the Barrer Centre and SynFabFun.