A scientist working with lasers

Imperial values collaborative research that combines real-world business challenges with academic curiosity and research rigour to deliver tangible benefits for society.

Whether through consultancy, technology licensing, commercially-funded projects or the creation of technology-based startups, the opportunities to develop ideas into impact are varied and plentiful, largely driven by Imperial Enterprise.

Imperial works with academic and research staff to translate their work into partnerships and commercial opportunities and increase impact from their research. We combine deep understanding of science and technology with commercial acumen and a wide professional network to gain insight into a technology's potential and identify the best route to market.

We’re passionate about identifying, developing and commercialising Imperial’s academic discoveries. By promoting collaboration between academics, industry and investors, and providing support to access to translational funds and licensing, we give projects the best chance of success in the industry and beyond.

Ways in which Enterprise supports ideation and opportunities

  • Mapping and promoting Imperial’s research capabilities and licensing portfolio
  • Securing collaborative research with industry partners and commercialisation income
  • Assessing research discoveries, and advancing the technologies through to market adoption via collaboration with industry
  • Managing industry partnerships and key stakeholder relationships

We have many modes of partnership that we can undertake, with a wide range of opportunities and flexibility:

We offer the chance to realise the full potential of your research by connecting you with some of the world’s most exciting organisations.