Terms of reference

The Faculty’s Awards Committee is responsible for identifying potential candidates and, where appropriate, generating nominations for the College’s own honours and awards as well as agreeing nominations for specific external awards. The scope of the Committee’s responsibilities encompasses, but is not limited to:

UK National Honours (KBE, DBE, CBE, OBE, MBE, BEM, etc.)
Fellowships of National Academies
Honorary Degrees and Medals of Imperial College
Prizes and Medals of the Royal Academy of Engineering
Specifically, the Committee:

  • Creates and keeps under review an open and systematic nominations process for these awards.
  • Receives proposals for, and makes recommendations to the College’s Honours Committee, for College awards and National Honours.
  • Raises awareness of, and stimulates appropriate nominations for, Prizes and Medals of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • It is not intended that the Committee takes an active role in stimulating nominations for other College awards (e.g. those relating to research, teaching or safety), for which strong departmental processes are already in place.

The Committee meets twice a year.


The Committee’s membership comprises a senior representative from each Department in the Faculty, the Head of Research Strategy Development and the Faculty Operating Officer who will also act as secretary to the group.

The Chair is the Faculty’s academic representative on the College’s Honours Committee, appointed by the Dean.


David Nethercot, Chair
Tim Venables, Secretary
Mary Ryan, Office of the Provost
Mike Graham, Aeronautics
Richard Kitney, Bioengineering
Paul Luckham, Chemical Engineering
Ahmed Elghazouli, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jeff Kramer, Computing
Peter Childs, Design Engineering
Jan Cilliers, Earth Science & Engineering
Kin Leung, Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Alan Atkinson, Materials
Tony Kinloch, Mechanical Engineering