GTAs with some teaching experience can get support for an application for Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).

AFHEA is free. It is not compulsory but is a formal recognition of teaching activities which you have undertaken.

College support

The Graduate School runs College-wide workshops for PhD students who want to apply for AFHEA - there are more details on the Graduate School website.

The Educational Development Unit runs workshops aimed at staff. You can find out more on the STAR Framework website.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is AFHEA compulsory?
    No. It is entirely your choice whether you do it or not, but you are entitled to apply for AFHEA if you have teaching experience.

  2. Does it cost anything?
    No. Imperial covers the HEA fees on your behalf.

  3. Will my supervisor know about it?
    You do not need permission to gain recognition for your GTA teaching experience: if you have the experience, you are entitled to apply for recognition. The 'work' involved in AFHEA varies according to whether you can write 'reflectively' about your own experience as a teacher.

  4. What is reflective writing?
    It is writing in the first person voice ('I' and 'my') about your experience, your knowledge, and your values as a teacher.

  5. How long does it take?
    A 2-hour getting started workshop, a 2-hour getting finished workshop, plus the writing of a 2.5 page application in between.

  6. Are there deadlines?
    There is no deadline. There are multiple meetings of the assessors through the year. You can submit when you are ready and just wait for the next assessor panel to take place.