• We are committed to ensuring that our ethnic minority staff and students feel valued as part of our community and do not face barriers or discrimination of any form. We encourage all our staff to read Imperial's statement on race equality at Imperial, which forms part of its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

    Our statement on racism

    We do not tolerate racism of any kind in our department and actively encourage our members to report any incidents of racism, whether they have experienced it directly or indirectly.

    Please be assured that our department stands with all who identify as Black or Minority Ethnic and any reports of racism that are made will be investigated and acted upon.

    You can report incidents directly to the Head of Department, Professor Omar Matar, or anyone else you feel comfortable speaking to.

    Students can find support through the Student Wellbeing Advisor (Faith Ross), their personal tutor, or their course director or supervisor to report incidents. Staff are also encouraged to speak with their line managers. 

    Alongside the measures Imperial will implement to tackle racial inequality, the Department of Chemical Engineering will be introducing compulsory unconscious bias training for all students and staff. 

    We understand that we still have work to do to ensure our department and Imperial as a whole is inclusive, and we are committed to ongoing work to achieve this.