Our duty of care to protect your health and safety is important to us. To help support this duty we ask you to provide details of an emergency contact during your online College registration. Your emergency contact details are used if there is a concern about protecting your life or the life of others. 

 The My Imperial student portal gives you the option to consent for the College to be able to approach your emergency contact if we have a serious concern about your wellbeing, for example, where you have suffered a serious physical injury; you have an ongoing illness and appear to be significantly deteriorating; you have not recently been seen and we have been unable to contact you. 

 Please take the time to review your emergency contact details. Your emergency contact nomination should be a responsible adult of your choice; this could be a parent, legal guardian or spouse but it does not have to be. You should inform your emergency contact that have shared their contact details with Imperial for this purpose. Please raise with your Department Senior Tutor if you can’t provide details of an emergency contact.

 Careful consideration will be taken before using your emergency contact details, normally by your Faculty Senior Tutor and Student Services. We will discuss with you our intention to approach your contact unless it is not possible to do so or would cause critical delay.

 Your details are held securely and confidentially and can be updated in My Imperial at any time throughout your studies.

 The Student Emergency Contact policy and procedure is available to access here: Student Emergency Contact procedure  [PDF]