Teaching Fellows in the Faculty of Engineering are required to undergo a training programme to continue each Fellow's professional development and to ensure the right level of support is provided.

Training requirements

Following appointment to the role, Teaching Fellows will normally be required to complete the Faculty's Learning and Teaching Development Programme, which includes the following features:

  • Completing the Postgraduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching  (PGCert ULT). This will involve (i) attending three core EDU workshops undertaken by Probationary Leacturers; (ii) attending several (typically four) specialised workshops in areas of interest to the Fellow; (iii) several (typically three) teaching observations; (iv) collating a portfolio of teaching experiences and workshop assignments. The programme is one year in duration.

  • The training needs of Senior Teaching Fellows will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS). However, as a minimum it is expected that such individuals complete the three core workshops of the PGCert and the observation process defined for Probationary Lecturers. Principal Teaching Fellows will be exempt from formal teacher training (see below point). Where any Teaching Fellow chooses to undertake the PGCert (or the PG Diploma or Masters Degree in ULT), departmental approval would be expected.

  • An annual teaching appaisal for Teaching Fellows at all levels. The emphasis of this will be on continued professional development, including identifying any new, ongoing or specialised training needs. Where possible, Principal Teaching Fellows would be expected to oversee the appraisal of junior peers. DUGS (or equivalent) would oversee the appraisal of Principal Teaching Fellows.

  • Teaching Fellows will have occasional involvement in the Faculty Graduate Teaching Assistant training sessions, for example as co-tutors during discussion sessions. Such involvement will provide opportunities for further reflection on teaching practice and raise awareness of teaching issues and concerns within home departments.


A Teaching Fellows Forum exists to help promote the sharing of best practice, and to provide members with a supportive peer group and collaborative network.

You can find out more about Teaching Fellows and the formal training programme through DUGS. The list of DUGS in the Faculty of Engineering is below.

Directors of Undergraduate Studies

Department Name
Aeronautics  Dr Errikos Levis
Bioengineering  Dr Spyros Masouros
Chemical Engineering Professor Jerry Heng
Civil and Environmental Engineering  Dr Marc Stettler
Computing Dr Tony Field
Dyson School of Design Engineering Dr Freddie Page and Dr Shayan Sharifi
Earth Science and Engineering  Dr Mark Sutton
Electrical and Electronic Engineering  Dr Christos-Savvas Bouganis
Materials Dr Paul Franklyn
Mechanical Engineering Dr Mike Bluck