FoE Digital Media Promotional Video

How we can help

Our Digital Learning Specialists (Ollie Inglis and Hywel Jones) have a background in film making, post production and animation. We work in collaboration with academics and our instructional design team to build digital assets to support your teaching and learning activities. More than ever, we are seeing staff embracing the potentialities of video and animation in their modules:

  • Digital media can become a useful revision material
  • Digital media can complement face to face teaching activities e.g. lab demonstrations
  • Digital media can be used in pre-sessional resources
  • Digita media is reusable and repurposable e.g. safety or lab instruction videos can be used across year groups

What we provide

The types of digital media you can use within teaching are listed below:

Please visit our SharePoint page to see more detailed information on the production process and tips on how to make videos, H5P, visualisations and animations.

What we've done so far

In recent years we have seen a shift in perspective towards video and digital media in the Faculty of Engineering. We have created over 80 digital media assets for the Autumn 20/21 academic year across four departments.