active bystander imagesThis innovative and high impact Active Bystander session will empower students to challenge poor behaviours which they may experience - or witness as a third party. Specifically, they will be given the tools to overcome fear and paralysis in challenging situations to help them decide how to respond or intervene - and they will learn advanced language techniques to build their confidence and help them to communicate assertively. This training will help to create a safe and supportive community.

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Please email to arrange a training session.

Undergraduates, Postgraduate Taught and PhD students

Training length: 1 hour

Group size: up to 80 students per group.

Cohort/Level: suitable for all cohorts. We recommend that students be grouped within their own cohort and level of study. Case studies will be tailored to the level of study.

Recommended timing: Autumn or Spring term. We recommend that this training be delivered in advance of group project work where possible for UG and PGT students.

CostPlease email for the latest information.

PhD students additional session - Communication, Respect and Culture

In an international environment like Imperial, misunderstandings can occur without people realising. These are usually based on language - especially if at least one party is not speaking English as a native language - and culture, where norms can often be different. This course will help students navigate those language nuances to ensure better and more effective communication.

Training length: 2 hours (this session can be a “bolt on” to the Active Bystander Session for PhD students)

Group size: up to 25 students per group.

Recommended timing: Prior to Early Stage Assessment (within first nine months)

CostPlease email for the latest information.