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Student Unconscious Bias training will prepare students for issues around bias as they develop their careers during and after their studies.

Unconscious bias is the result of a person’s brain making an incredibly quick judgement or assessment of people and situations without them realising it. These biases are influenced by a person’s background, cultural environment and personal experiences, often without a person being aware of their impact or implications.

With many students going into start-up organisations, often during their studies, and taking on leadership roles much more quickly than before, it’s important to bring issues like unconscious bias to their attention.

By exploring these early on in their academic careers the training will enhance the student experience and prepare them to become better managers and leaders in the future.

Undergraduates, Postgraduate Taught and PhD students

Training length: 1 hour

Group size: up to 80 students per group

Cohort: suitable for all cohorts. We recommend that students be grouped within their own cohort.

Recommended timing: Autumn or Spring term for UG and PGT students. Prior to Early Stage Assessment (within the first nine months) for PhD students.

Cost: Please contact Ireti Webb, who will be able to provide the latest information.