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The Faculty of Engineering Ed Tech Team uses learning technology to support teaching and learning. We work with our departments, academics and administrators to deliver support and training for blended learning tools within the Faculty. We also regularly evaluate emerging technologies and approaches and their application to learning and teaching. The Engineering Ed Tech work is divided into two main areas: Transformation and Maintenance and Review.

The Transformation process provides the hands-on support and guidance you need to rethink and redesign the modules and programmes you currently teach and lead. Building on work initiated in the curriculum review process, our team of experts will help ensure a seamless progression from curriculum review to pedagogy redesign. From brainstorming workshops to learning design plans, to video and digital animation production, our team of experts will help you redesign your teaching material to create the world-class teaching and learning experience befitting a 21st century Russell Group institution.

The Maintenance and Review process provides support to existing institutional Ed Tech platforms and services. This includes day-to-day support, troubleshooting, guidance, training, testing and promoting best practice in the Faculty to ensure a high-quality, consistent service. We evaluate these technologies to review their effectiveness, allowing us to make recommendations for improvements and enhancements to key stakeholders. This also allows us to review our practice and continuously improve and streamline our processes.

The Faculty of Engineering view, in line with advice on Cloud apps e.g. Eventbrite, Zoom, Wufoo, Doodle, Slack is that only software supported by ICT should be used for delivery of teaching, except where additional functionality is required that cannot be delivered using the standard toolset. In this case, the Faculty Ed Tech team will provide advice in conjunction with ICT.