A bespoke ARC process is now in place for clinical academics, which includes additional sections for staff to record and plan their contribution to NHS activities.
This is underpinned by the Follet Principles, which outline the requirements for joint appraisals of clinical academics working across NHS and University organisations.
Clinical academic ARCs are expected to be undertaken on a single occasion, with both FoM and NHS reviewers present where possible.

Please note: The clinical academic ARC process does not replace NHS partner requirements to complete separate appraisal paperwork for GMC revalidation. However, the information in the ARC process can be used as supporting information for the GMC appraisal process.

Who is expected to participate in ARC?

  • Imperial employed clinical academics with NHS sessions in their job plan
  • NHS employed clinical academics where there is an Imperial recharge
  • MRC CARP fellows
  • Primary Care GPs

Use of this proforma is optional for:

  • Professors of Practice (as these are renewable titles)
  • Any NHS-employed clinical academics with research PAs in their job plan, where the Trust bears the cost

Formal agreement on using this proforma has been agreed upon with ICHT and C&W NHS Trusts as part of the collaborative working agreement of the Allied Health Science Centre (AHSC) partners. Its use is also encouraged for FoM clinical academics working at other NHS organisations.