For more information on the scheme, please contact Ireti Webb, Head of HR for the Faculty of Engineering.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 5478

The Faculty of Engineering is keen to improve its family friendly initiatives and has listened to the results of the recent survey where some staff said they feel that having caring responsibilities has affected their career progression.

Consequently, all Engineering departments have agreed to fund one free day of emergency back-up care per annum to be used where a member of staff’s normal care arrangements have suddenly broken down but they need to attend work for an important meeting.

The free day is available for any member of staff and must be booked through My Family Care. You can register online now for free or call the My Family Care team on 0845 676 7690.

To be eligible

  • You must be a staff member of a Faculty of Engineering department
  • Your normal care arrangements have suddenly broken down but you need to attend work for an important meeting/lecture/event, or
  • You are able to work from home but the distraction means that you are unable to concentrate - emergency childcare could be provided while you work at home

How to Regis

How to sign up


You first need to register with My Family Care. If there are nannies or other carers/nurseries you have used before they can sign up with My Family Care and then the payment can be made to them through this agency rather than directly.


You must make the payment to My Family Care in the first instance when you book the service required and you will receive a receipt from them immediately.


You should submit an expenses claim using the old claim form (rather than via i-expenses) and send to payroll after approval by your Department Operations Manager (DOM).

Tax information

It has been agreed that (exceptionally) your Department will pay the tax on this expense. When approving the expense claim, the DOM should mark clearly that the sum claimed is to be grossed up and paid through payroll, and indicate the account code to which the overall cost of the service is to be charged.

The process is described in paragraph 16.3.1 in Part 1 of the Expenses policy.

Please contact Roz Benson, Head of Tax, if you have any queries.