The President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership underlines the importance of good leadership and management at all levels within the College and supports a key aim of the College’s Strategy.  Excellence in leadership and management can be defined in a number of ways but the panel is looking for nominations for leaders, managers, supervisors, at all levels and across all job families, who consistently demonstrate and role-model the College’s values and behaviours, Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation, ensuring effective support for their staff, driving sustained motivation, providing inspiration and enabling their development.

Nominations can be made by staff from all areas of the College. The awards are decided by a selection panel representing both support services and academic staff.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Staf in any role across the College are eligible to be nominated.
  • Nominations can be made by any Imperial staff member providing examples of how the nominee consistently role-models and demonstrates one or more of the Imperial Values for leaders and managers.
  • This award is open to individual nominations only.
  • Self-nomination is not permitted for this award category.

The nomination must be completed by Friday 15 March 2024.

There is one individual award available for this category, and the winning nomination will receive a prize of £250.

In addition, the winning nomination selected from the winners of the Leadership; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Collaboration or Sustainability categories will receive the President’s Medal for Excellence in Culture and Community and a prize of £1,500. The Medal winner will be invited to attend a College graduation ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall to be presented with the Medal.

Nomination Information

You may nominate an individual for the Leadership Award. Please don’t feel constrained by these examples, but you might like to recognise staff who:

  • Consistently role model the College’s values and behaviours in everything they do
  • Demonstrate exceptional commitment to delivering a shared vision.
  • Inspire and develop others.
  • Communicate with perception and clarity.
  • Champion a positive approach to change and opportunity
  • Demonstrates respect in their leadership style valuing each person’s individual experience, perspectives and contribution.

Entering the nomination (please additionally refer to the user guide document for the online awards system).  Please also note if you are accessing the system off-site, please make sure you are connected Zscaler and that the authenticate is turned on.

Important: The selection panel will ONLY draw on the evidence presented in the nomination form when making their decision, so please ensure a good case is presented for submission.

  • A single nomination form should be completed for individual
  • All nominations must be seconded before the Please refer to the online awards system user guide for more information.
  • Evidence should be provided for each of the award criteria, particularly how this extends beyond the expectations of the nominee’s job description. This should be written for a non-expert audience and specific examples given where
  • There is a strict 300-word limit for each free text
  • Attachments are permitted.

Questions to complete

  1. Please describe your relationship to the nominee (i.e. colleague, peer, line manager) and how you became aware of their contributions to Leadership at the College.
  2. Please describe what the nominee has done to merit the Leadership Award how they demonstrate the College’s values and behaviours. Please reference the Imperial Values for leaders and managers to inspire your nomination.
  3. Please describe the key benefits they have brought to all parties involved.

Please be aware of the strict word count of 300 words.