Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP)

The process of ‘Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP)’ has now been replaced by the ‘Annual Review Conversations (ARC)’.

Following extensive consultation with colleagues across College, Annual Review Conversations is a radically improved process which provides a better and more helpful experience for all staff at Imperial College. As with the previous PRDP process, all staff should expect to have this conversation at least once a year with their manager. This dialogue should be maintained via 1-2-1s with your line manager throughout the year.

ARC is now in effect, and the PRDP process will no longer be supported.
To ensure a smooth transition to ARC, those who are in the middle of a PRDP process will still be able to access the PRDP pages.
All staff will be expected to have moved to the ARC process by July 2024.

To know when you are having your first Annual Review Conversations, you should speak to your manager and Department leadership, but until you hear more, there is nothing you need to do.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email