Making a nomination

Nominations for the 2021 President's Awards for Excellence in Research will be open from the 11 January 2021 and will close 16 April 2021.

To make a nomination please view the new online award system in order to access the system, please make sure you are connected to the VPN.

Please view the ‌user guide ‌to help you access the system and enter your nomination(s). Specific guidance for each award category can be found below.

For further information please contact Dr Louise Sherlock.


Who can make a nomination?

For all categories, nominations can be made by staff from all areas of the College. Self-nomination is not permitted, with the exception of the Outstanding Research Team award.

Who selects the winners?

Award and Medal winners for each award category are conferred by selection panels overseen by the Vice-Provost (Research) in the summer term.

Ccan I nominate someone who has already won a President's Award?

Previous winners may not be re-nominated for the same category of award until at least three years have passed since their previous success (i.e. winners of 2018, 2019 and 2020 cannot be re-nominated for the same award in 2021). Find the full list of previous winners on the previous award winners webpage.

What information do I need to prepare a nomination?

Individual guidance documents for each award category are below. Please check the eligibility requirements and the evidence required by each award category.

Top tips

  • A single nomination form should be completed for each nominee. It is strongly recommended to notify the nominee of the intention to propose them for this award.
  • A nomination overview summarising key points of the reasons for nomination should be completed.
  • Evidence should be provided for each of the award criteria (this should be written for a non-expert audience and specific examples given where appropriate):
    • Individual's academic excellence
      • Independent researcher with evidence of academic impact (research contributed to academic advances, within and/or across disciplines)
      • Publication list and H index
      • Grant success
      • Other evidence, e.g. other impact, accolades, participation in key meetings
      • Extent of implementation of innovative approaches and good practice
      • Ability to lead and influence others o Fostering an inclusive and diverse culture
  • A statement of support should be provided by an individual not involved in the nominee's direct line of management. This could be a previous supervisor or a collaborator.
  • There is a 300 word limit for each free text section.
  • The selection panel will ONLY draw on the evidence presented in form when making their decisions, so please ensure a good case is presented for submission