We have reproduced these dissertations under a legitimate interest to showcase our previous students and help prospective students explore the group’s work. If an author wishes for a record to be removed, please get in touch.



View PDFs of Theoretical Physics MSc dissertations from the 2019-20 cohort 

Alexander Nagen
Aspects of Loop Quantum Gravity

Alexander WilkinsonMachine Learning Calabi-Yau Manifolds

Augustin IonescuSpheres, Generalised Geometry and Consistent Truncations

Catalina MiritescuTraversable Wormhole Constructions

Dalius StulgaReview of AdS/CFT Correspondence

Dario Picozzi: Quantum Informational Perspectives on Quantum Gravity and the Gauge/Graviity Duality - read Dario Picozzi dissertation

Emilie LiAn introduction to Quantum Chromodynamics and the structure of nucleon

Ethan SchreyerGravitational Waves in an Effective Field Theory of Gravity and Electromagnetism

Evita GamberCan Inflation Be Made Safe?

George FlinnThe Wave Function of the Universe

Gerlando AlfaranoConsistent Truncations: from Kaluza and Klein to Generalised Geometry

Henry YeomansGeneralised Geometry and Type II Supergravity

Hoi Wai LaiOverview of Bohmian Mechanics and its Extensions

James PageThe Cosmological Constant Problem Hawking's Three-Form

Johannes EskiltRecovering the Page Curve from the AdS/CFT Correspondence

John GarbuttOverview of Modified Gravity

Jordi Rafecas VentosaEffective Theory of Black Hole Dynamics in the Large D Limit

Joseph WillsherThe Chern-Simons Action and Quantum Hall Effect: Effective Theory, Anomalies, and Dualities of a Topological Quantum Fluid

Joshua HoffmannAn Introduction to Shape Dynamics

Keerati KeeratikarnMonopole Formula & Unguaging Schemes of Coulomb Branches of 3dN=4 Guage Theories

Liheng YaoAsymptotic Safety in Gravity and its Obstacles

Liina JukkoCosmology of the Stochastic Axion

Lucille CalmonMachine Learning Calabi-Yau Metrics - an Energy Functional Approach

Nick KolevGravitational Waves and their Primordial Power Spectrum from Inflation

Noam TamarinPati-Salam Model Grand Unification and Violations of Lepton Universality

Pak To CheungDecoherent Histories Approach - A Quantum Description of Closed Systems

Panos GiannadakisInformation Paradox Under the Scope of AdS/CFT Correspondence

Samuel Carter McGrandDark Energy and Modified Gravity - a Dynamical Systems Approach

Sergi Sirera Lahoz: ‌Energy Conditions in Semiclassical and Quantum Gravity

Shu ChenIntroduction to Mirror Symmetry in Aspects of Topological String Theory

Simone GordonPrimordial Black Holes

Tymothy ManganSUSY Localization and AdS Black Holes

Yoann PietriQuantum Cryptography

Yuk Lun LauMagnetic Monopole in the Pati-Salam Model

Yuyu Mo: Exploring the Relation Between Multi-Loop Two-to-Two Parton Scattering Amplitudes in the Regge Limit and Tree-Level String Amplitudes - read Yuyu Mo's dissertation

Yvette ChowTowards a Resolution of the Black Hole Information Loss Problem


Last NameFirst NamesTitle
 Sinha  Aditya  Modelling Gravitational Waves in Massive Gravity Theory
 Kalogirou  Antonios  The Large N Expansion and the SYK Model
 Cable  Archie  False Vacuum Physics and the Fate of the Universe
 Joudeh  Basheer  Decoupling limits of massive gravity and a theory of partially masless spin-2 fields
 Berczi  Benjamin  The Infrared Triangle, Black Holes and Soft Bosons
 Skeete  Cyrus  An Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence
 Hasenbichler  Daniel  Cosmic censorship in de Sitter and quasinormal modes
 Prieto  David  Standard Sirens
 Albertini  Federica  Branes, Quivers and Kraft-Procesi transitions in 6d N=(1,0) theories
 Williams  Isaac  Aspects of Topological Quantum Fields, Strings & Dualities
 Bao  Jiakang  3d N=4 Coulomb Branches and Quiver Gauge Theories in 6d
 Zhang  Jiashuo  DBI Inflation
 Loo  Kevin  An Introduction to Planar AdS_5/CFT_4 Integrability
 Grimanellis  Loukas  Techniques and Calculations of Scalar Loop Diagrams in AdS Space
 Nogueira  Lucas  Consistent Histories Approach to Quantum Mechanics
 Saunders  Luke  Noncommutative Geometry in Gauge Theory and String Theory
 Pascual-Cuetara  Mateo  Quantum Time for Quantum Cosmology
 Depala  Mehul G  Dark Matter Models in the Context of Inflationary Cosmology
 Tata  Neeraj  Geometric Quantisation of Chern-Simons Theories
 Karacaoglu  Paul  Six Dimensional Superstring Theories and Magnetic Quivers
 Ghoderao  Pulkit  Non-Linear Sigma Model Geometry
 Chea  Shu Huan  Morris-Thorne Wormholes in General Relativity and Metric f(R) Gravity
 Jaitly  Sumer  Amplitudes & Twistor Actions
 Firat  Toguz  A study of the Gravitational Wave Events GW150914, GW151226 and GW170104
 Datsev  Toma  Nilpotent Orbit Coulomb Branch
 Letsios  Vasileios

 Spinor eigenfunctions of the Dirac operator and scalar spherical harmonics on the N-Sphere and their application to the de Sitter group SO(N,1)

 Ramji  Vinay  
 Kim  Wookyung  Constructing 2 dimensional theory with no-particle production
 Almumin  Yahya  Reality in Light of: Legget-Garg Inequalities, Macrorealism, and Quantum Mechanics
 He  Yutong  From Single-Field Slow-Roll Inflation to Primordial Gravitational Waves
 Hao  Zezhuang  Generalized Geometry and Mirror Symmetry
 Tong  Zhaozhen  Majorana Mass, Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Majoron Emission


The QFFF MSc 2018 dissertations produced in the summer of 2018 are available. Titles are below.

Last Name First Names QFFF Dissertation 2018
Abedi Mohammad Generalised Geometry, Supergravity, and Holonomy
Barata João Study of a New Resolution Method in the Hybrid Strong/Weak Coupling Model
Bassi Cristian Quantum Cosmology: a Review
Bento Bruno Valeixo Causal Set Dynamics and The Problem of Time
Bet Gianmarco Unsqueezing of super-Hubble modes and the trans-Planckian problem
Chhokar Palvindar Singh Review: Anti-de Sitter Space/Conformal Field Theory Correspondence
Christie Robson Decoherence and Decoherent Histories
Dawsmith Aston A review into Scalar-Tensor theories and how this leads to spontaneous scalarization in neutron stars
Deligiannis Konstantinos Introduction to the Conformal Bootstrap and Applications
Dideron Guillaume Gravitational Collapse in Scalar-Tensor Theory
Dominiak Pandora Aspects of T-duality, Mirror Symmetry and Generalised Geometry
França Tiago CCZ4 Evolution in General Relativity
Garcia Marti Maria Study on the effect of coarse-graining on spatial interaction models
Gautam Vaibhav Discrete Gauging in three and six dimensions
Gough Oliver An exploration of the Arrival Problem in Quantum Mechanics
Grimminger Julius Friedrich Real Mass Resolutions and Complex Mass Deformations of 3d N=4 Coulomb Branches
Hogan Laurence Cosmological Perturbation Theory
Isaksen Johannes Hamre A Review of the AdS/CFT Correspondence
Islam Asim Many Body Quantum Field Models for Nonlinear Brain Dynamics
Konstantinidi Myrto Maria The Derivation of Wald Entropy, and its Applications
Liatsos Nikolaos Introduction to the AdS/CFT Correspondence
McAuliffe Elliot Complex Geometry for Theoretical Physics
Momeni Arshia Properties of the S-matrix and Positivity Bounds on Theories
Montagnon George John On the Survival Probability of the Electroweak Vacuum during Inflation
Najafian Nikoo Gravity from a Quantum Field Theory viewpoint
Padelkar Ashutosh Janardan Finding Vacuum Decay Rates in Inflationary Models
Padhi Biswajit Dark Matter and Supersymmetry
Papaefstathiou Irene Localization in lattice gauge theories
Radhakrishnan Rajath Krishna Aspects of Topological Quantum Field Theory
Read Joe Stymest Planck Stars
Romero Rodriguez Alba Cosmological bounds to monodromy inflation
Rutvij Bhavsar Evolving Multiplicative schemes for the n site hopper
Sarandrea Francesco From The S-Matrix to UV Completion
Sitt Alexander Michael Frederic Gauge Theory and Spin Geometry
Song Shicong Holographic Entanglement Entropy and “Bulk” Geometry Reconstruction
Strong Joseph The Volume of a Long Skinny Interval in Four Dimensional Spacetime
Sun Puwen Constraining Scalar Triplet Model with Dark Matter Direct Detection
Taira Takanobu Understanding the Weak Gravity Conjecture
Tuo Yu A general review of perturbative and non-perturbative QCD
Wang Jieyu Application of Massive Data Compression and Likelihood-free Inference on Analysis of Cosmological Models
Wu Wei Using Thermal Radiation Fields to Investigate Fundamental Physics
Zhang Yanbai Moduli Space, Brane Construction and the Kraft-Procesi Transitions for sln
Zhong Zhenghao Quiver gauge theories in 3d, 5d and 6d


Copies of the QFFF MSc 2017 dissertations produced in the summer of 2017 are available. Titles are given below.

First Names Last Name Dissertation
Mohammad Reza Akhond 5d N = 1 Gauge Theories and the Higgs Branch At Infinite Coupling 
Adam Almakroudi Boundedness of linear waves on the Interior of Extremal Reissner-Nordstro ̈m-de Sitter Black Holes 
Edward Aspinal Large-Scale Structure Formation In The Universe
Benoit Assi Causal Set Action and Curvature 
Josu Calvo-Aurrekoetxea  Inhomogeneous inflation in 3+1D
Lingtong Chen Introduction to Calabi-Yau Manifold and Mirror Symmetry 
Maggie Chlon The Information Paradox Revisited 
Chuang Du Review of Black Hole information paradox 
Mathew Elman A Rubrik for Fully Connected Topological Photonic Crystals in 3D 
Christopher Erickson Applications of Hypergeometric Functions to Localizations of Type IIA SUGRA 
Anuar Idrissov Higher-order derivative gravity and Black Holes 
Yamin Jamilzoda Group Theory and the Geometry of Ideal Hydrodynamics 
Awais Mohammed Khan Black Hole Entropy as Causal Links
Yunho Kim An Initial Value Problem For A Massless Scalar Field On A Causal Set 
Alfonso Lanuza Garcia Reciprocity and Relative Locality 
Thomas Edward Maybour Monopoles and The Standard Model 
Alexander Donald Mitchell-Lister Inflation, inhomogeneity and initial conditions of the early 
Gregor Frédérique Mittelstaedt Quantum Causal Sets 
Simon Moolman The Quantum Backflow Effect
Cameron Oliver Dimensional Reduction and Horava-Lifshitz Gravity 
Hariphan Philathong The Emergence of Classicality: Decoherence 
Pranjal Ralegankar R^2 Inflation
Joana Ribeiro Da Cunha Gomes Teixeira Black Holes in Higher Dimensions and the Blackfold Approach 
Jamie Luke Edward Rogers Finding Tρσ(SU(N)) theories using Kraft–Procesi Transitions 
Miriam Judith Scharnke Microscopic Derivation of Bekenstein–Hawking Entropy in the D–Branes Formalism
Matthew Peter Stafford A Review of Soft Black Hole Hair and Its Potential as a Solution to the Information Paradox 
Nils Robin Tornkvist S-Duality In Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory 
Markos Vousvounis Characterization of the Properties of Photon Sources 
Yili Wang The Area of a Long Skinny Interval in Two-dimensional Spacetime 
Sara Catherine White Wormholes in Einsteinian and Bi-metric Gravity
Samuel Whittington Emergent Spacetime - A Pedagogical Review 
Alastair Wickens False Vacuum Decay and Tunnelling in Euclidean Space 


Copies of the QFFF MSc 2016 dissertations produced in the summer of 2016 are available. Titles are below.

First Names Last Name Dissertation
Luigi Alfonsi Doubled Geometry of Double Field Theory 
Edward Aspinal Large-Scale Structure Formation In The Universe
Krai Cheamsawat Holographic Entanglement Entropy : From Foundation to Frontier 
Hamish Forbes Wave optics: Light scattering off diffraction gratings with periodically modulated complex relative permittivity 
Christopher Gallagher f(R) Gravity and Cosmology 
Yizhuo Gao Gauge/Gravity correspondence and the applications from the gravitational side
Miguel Garcia Cutillas Supersymmetric compactifications of type II supergravity 
Ross Grassie Supergravity p-brane Solutions 
Kuan-Jung Lai Canonical Quantum Gravity as a Gauge Theory with Constraints 
Jonathan En Ze Lee Loop Quantum Gravity and Its Consistency 
Ken Gabriel Lim Leggett-Garg Inequalities and Macrorealism 
Christian Lindackers Implications of Gravitational Wave Measurements for Tests of General Relativity 
Wei Liu The Problem of Neutrino Masses at the LHC
Yasmin Malik Macrorealism and the Leggett-Garg inequalities 
Nellie Marangou Inflation: An Analytical and Computational Discussion
Elise Marey Implications of Planck-scale dimensional reduction in the early universe 
Gregor Frédérique Mittelstaedt Quantum Causal Sets 
Aimilios Pagouropoulos From Ehlers to E11 
Ben Pullin Vacuum Stability in the Standard Model and Beyond
Manya Sahni Supergravity and Generalised Geometry 
Amy Tee Cosmic Inflation : An Overview of the Current Themes 
Karim Mathieu van Aelst Spinors and Cosmology in Einstein-Cartan theory 
Scott Vasquez Axiomatic TQFT and the Cobordism Hypothesis
Merica Wanakornkul The 3d mirror symmetry in N = 4 supersymmetric gauge theories, brane constructions and the Hilbert series
Laszlo Tibor Zalavari Black hole formation in AdS space-time 
Stav Zalel Evolution of laws via black hole singularities in causal set dynamics 
Deli Zhang Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity 


Copies of the QFFF MSc 2015 dissertations produced in the summer of 2015 are available. Titles are below.

Last Name First Names Dissertation
Albertsson Karl Martin F-theory and string phenomenology
Amintaheri Ramtin dS/CFT Duality in Cosmology
Baranyai Craig An investigation of “no-host” gamma-ray bursts
Benkel Robert On the Decoherent Histories Approach to Quantum Theory
Blanchette Kevin Cosmological Parameter Inference in a Bayesian Hierarchical Model with Redshift Dependent Hubble Residuals
Cabrera Santiago An Approach to Quiver Gauge Theories with Dual Non-Toric Geometries
Carnielli Gianluca Kaluza-Klein Theory
Chen Siyuan Gravitational waves in modified General Relativity
Cheng Ka Hei Topics in String theory and Double Field Theory
Christoforou Costas Marios T-Duality and Double Field Theory 
Cookson Christopher The Asymptotic Safety Scenario In Quantum Gravity
Do Amaral Claves The role of Axions in Baryogenesis
Du Yi-Hsien Integrable Systems of Gauge Theory and Spin Chains
Gall Louis Kähler Geometry in Supergravity 
Gao Can Pohlmeyer reduction for strings moving in symmetric coset and super-coset 
Garcia Valdecasas Eduardo T-Duality, Double Field Theory and its Geometry
Gunneweg David Nicolaas Irmin Group Field Theory: Second quantisation of Loop Quantum Gravity
Günther Reichelt Christian F-theory and Grand Unified Theories
Halder Stephen AdS/CFT and QCD - a review
Helfer  Thomas Multicritical behavior in systems with competing order parameters from functional Renormalization Groups flows
Iancu Florin Vlad Causal Set Theory and the Study of Evaporating Black Holes
Iliopoulos Nikolaos Two measures of quantum correlations and some applications
Jones Eric Stress-Energy in the Conical Vacuum and its Implications for Topology Change 
Khan Imran Azin Causal Sets, Quantum Field Theory, and Spacetime Entanglement
Khedair Jonathan Network Geometry
Kodi Ramanah Doogesh Cosmic Structure Formation: A Theoretical and Numerical Analysis
Levy Adam Charles Negative Probabilities in Physics: a Review 
Matos Daniel Modified Dispersion Relations as an alternative to Inflation
Myrzakul Aizhan String Theory in Zero Tension Limit and Conformal Covariance
Nicholson Isobel Double Copying Sources in General Relativity
Park Euibyung Canonical Gravity and its application to Cosmology
Patel Meera Modified Gravity and the Vainshtein Effect
Qureshi Mumnuna Electronic Dispersion in Single Layer Molybdenum
Robson Charles The Black Hole Information Paradox
Ronayne John  Cosmic Inflation: The Starobinsky and Supergravity Models
Schwartz Joseph William Modern Methods in Moduli
Symes Havelok Double Field Theory: A Review
Zajac Anton Moduli Spaces of N =4 d=2+1 Quiver Gauge Theories on Branes and Nilpotent Orbits