The use of online or cloud applications such as Eventbrite, Wufoo, Doodle and Slack to organise events, gather opinions, collaborate and to do more has increased in recent years, partly due to the free versions available. 

However, if you are not paying for the service, it is likely that the company providing it is profiting in another way: by collecting and selling data. If you use these applications, you agree to their terms and conditions and you may be giving away (or asking other users/invitees to give away) personal data. For example, these organisations may pass this data to third parties or use it in any way they like.

Imperial has a responsibility protect personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 2018, based on General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Therefore. the Information Security Policy states that services not provided by the university should not be used for Imperial's work:

10.2 Sensitive data must not be stored on or communicated through services which are not provided by the College such as personal email (Gmail, Hotmail etc…) or web-based ‘cloud’ storage services (e.g. Google Apps, Dropbox).

 11.4 11.4 College business should be conducted only on information services provided by the College. Using non-College information services to carry out College business puts College data at risk and therefore is not allowed except with sufficient justification. For example, Qualtrics should be used instead of SurveyMonkey, Box or OneDrive instead of Dropbox, and College email instead of Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

If you are being asked to use a non-Imperial application by a collaborator or have a pressing need to use a cloud app for any reason, please contact the ICT Security Team via the ICT Service Desk to help evaluate the risk and work out a solution to fulfil your requirements.

Cloud Service

College service that must be used for College work

Cloud survey tools, e.g. SurveyMonkey

Qualtrics survey tool

Cloud storage solutions, e.g. DropBox, iCloud, personal OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive, see Data Storage and Security

Cloud email, e.g. gmail, hotmail,

Imperial email

Cloud event ticketing, e.g. EventBrite

Eventbrite is not a College Service; however we acknowledge it is a widely used and reputable service for events management. If you choose to use Eventbrite for any College event for internal and/or external guests, you must carefully follow College's Eventbrite guidance.

There is currently no equivalent College service doing this.

Cloud collaboration tools, e.g. Slack

Outlook Groups or Microsoft Teams

Cloud form builders, e.g. Wufoo

Microsoft Forms

Cloud meeting schedulers, e.g. Doodle

Microsoft has an equivalent service integrated to Outlook called FindTime.

Cloud web conferencing tools, e.g. Webex, Zoom, Bluejeans

Microsoft Teams should be used for meetings involving College attendees. College staff and students may use cloud web conferencing tools when invited to meetings with clients, suppliers, other institutions, etc.

Cloud Kanban boards

Microsoft Planner

Zoom (partially supported)

Microsoft Teams

Read College guidance on the use of Zoom.



  • contact the ICT Service Desk to help find a College service to find a service to fulfil your need;
  • contact the IT Security Team via the ICT Service Desk for advice on using cloud applications and data protection in general.


  • use cloud applications to collect any data considered to be ‘sensitive’ under the Data Protection Act, including a person's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, physical or mental health, sexual orientation, and the commission or alleged commission of any offence. See College's Information Security Policy for more information.